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Big adventures are made up of SMALL steps!

Exciting news! For now, you can find me on Saatchi, AND I’m revamping my website, The Mangrove Concept, to include a web shop. Soon, you’ll be able to buy my art directly from me on my site. Supporting artists directly makes a huge difference in our creative journey, allowing us to continue sharing our passion with you.

Abstract Expressionist Drawing " Fiery Red" by Susanna Neleman

Hola, I’m Susanna!

Hola, I'm Susanna!

Hola, I'm Susanna!

I’m a (mostly) abstract expressionist artist and (sometimes) writer on an adventurous journey of creative expression. Besides inspiring you with my bold movement-based artworks on paper, I’m determined to show you that you are also way more powerful, passionate, and adventurous than you might think.

My question each day: How can I be more curious?

Tomorrow, you’ll probably find me

My potential and yours are endless.
Own your powerful story. Make a scene.
Adventure Awaits!

Susanna Neleman

The Mangrove Concept