My boyfriend and I have been hiking for about four or five years now. We both love it and hate it. Be that as it may, every year, we decide to go again.

*Mountain Moments*

Last summer, was the toughest hike for me compared to the others. Not only because of the fact that we usually do day trips, and this year we did a multiple day trekking trip, but also because of where I was in my head. I had a lot to sort out. What am I doing (literally – on this mountain, and metaphorically – with my life)?! This is so hard *cry* I can’t go any further!  *complain**grumble* *curse*

My boyfriend and I decided to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc, an 11 day hiking trip around *drum roll* the  Mont Blanc, crossing the borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland.

As this wasn’t my first hiking trip, I was prepared for my literal and metaphorical “fight with the mountain moments”, but with my heavy baggage, those big mountain “climbs” (800m height gain per day) were a huge challenge. Every way up, I asked myself if I’d make it or just give up.

After 11 days I was so done with: pitching up the tent every single evening, taking down the tent every single morning, the morning cold, the afternoon heat, the heavy back pack, the ickyness of not being able to shower regularly, not having any clean clothes left, you get the picture.

So we vowed, next year, we are going back to day trips. It’s a stretch too far to call it glamping (yes, that’s a word), but we were ready to come back to our tent after a grueling, but fulfilling, hike to find the rosé already chilled and some French cheese in your cool box. *sigh*

The Magic of Hiking

You might start to think right now, if you hate it so much, why do you hike at all? Because it’s never that black and white. Even though hiking can be physically and mentally tough, at the same time, each hike absolutely has its magical moments.

That magical moment when you have been climbing your ass off and you’re ready to give up, but then the far reaching vista over the mountain tops slowly comes into view. *gasp*

Or when you have the trail all to yourself and you feel totally free from the conventions and obligations of civil society.

Or when you unexpectedly cross paths with a deer or a mountain goat.

In those moments, my cry always changes from complaint to !f*ck ya baby! this was so worth it. I am in absolute awe and I remember why I keep climbing those mountains (also metaphorically in life), because you get to a point when you know that all the struggle to get there was so worth it.

Conquering the mountain.

The experience and the feeling of victory after having “conquered” the mountain is something I don’t ever want to miss. It symbolizes to me all that you can accomplish in life. Some times it’s hard, but if you want to grow, it’s essential and so worth it.

I also love the simplicity of living out of that heavy back pack. It makes you realize that you don’t need that much in life to be happy.  I think that’s a good reminder.

Life is worth the struggle moments.

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