You can keep asking yourself the same questions. Over and over. But at some point you have to choose to start and see what happens or let the fear of the unknown win.

Lately my head has been spinning. I’m going through the same questions. Over and over. Fear is having me running around in so many circles. It’s making me dizzy. And I’m running the risk of never starting.

Common wisdom has it that I should just start where I am.

Just start?! Hello, I’m trying to be perfect here

It sounds so easy to just start, but too busy trying to be perfect. I’m trying to make the launch of my website – perfect. So I keep going back to the same questions I have been answering for a year now. To try and see the bigger picture. To see how it all clicks together: my passions, my qualities and strengths, and the money maker.

And everytime I answer, it just becomes vaguer and vaguer.

Because, epiphany, I can’t see into the future.

Woowww. Who the h*ll saw that coming? Well, I certainly keep receiving the message. But, for some reason, I wake up the next morning and it’s another freakin’ ground hog day, and I do it again.

Repeat #15890: What am I naturally good at?

Uhm. I thought it was research, but now I don’t know. I don’t know how to make money from that yet, so maybe if I asked myself a 2nd, 3rd 4th… time I will give a “better” answer.

Repeat #16706: What am I passionate about?

Well duh, anyone around me would say BRAZIL. And for anyone around you it’s probably also pretty obvious. But let’s ask ourselves again, shall we. Who knows we might come op with a magical money making answer.


How does this all magically come together, without actually having started anything – and it will make me a lotta $$$?

Uhm I don’t know, because I haven’t tried anything yet…

See the circles? Rince and repeat.

Why do we do we keep questioning and doubting ourselves?

We keep on questioning and doubting ourselves – running ourselves in circles – because we’re so scared that we might fail. The small voice in your head saying, what if, becomes this screeching harpy demanding you to answer the question WHAT IF (*screech*)!

Deep down in our bellies we know that the anwers we gave the first time ’round were perfectly adequate for the moment. Enough to start – just where we are.

I’m not saying that getting clarity on who you are and what you want out of life is a bad thing. It is essential. Going through this process last year was actually a revelation. I just want it to be the start of a personal revolution.

Answering these questions shouldn’t become a weight on your shoulders holding you down. Having clarity should propel you forward towards that personal revolution.

But …

for that to happen we both have to start


Yep luv we actually have to start that thing that scares us so much.

Why not just start where you are and see what happens

So instead of rincing and repeating the same answers, believe in the first answer you give. Don’t let these questions stop you from actually doing whatever it is you want to do. Even if you don’t exactly know the how and the what yet. Start with what you have right now.

Let’s, you and me, trust the universe, lean in and believe.

’cause believe me, I’m writing this post just as much for you as for me.

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