As I’ve let slip a few times on the blog, I plan to turn my writing and ideas into an empire. I want to become part of all those women who’ve chosen Unf*ckwithable world domination as their modus operandi. To me this means, being Bold, and accepting of MY OWN WAY. Of course, people have certain opinions about that, and that’s alright, but for too long already I’ve lived my life listening to other people’s views, and I’m done. I’m done hiding behind other people because I’m too scared to be myself – big sassy mouth and all. You might consider this declaration dramatic and fanciful, but…

Consider this my declaration of Independence and Unf*ckwithability.

This journey of starting The Ecotourist is all about taking back my life. I don’t really know how it got away from me or who took it from me, but I’m taking it back.

In the months to come, I will continue to talk about the topics I want to talk about, designing the life I want to live, finally getting back to the Amazon, and hopefully inspiring you, my dear reader, to do the same. Well, you don’t specifically have to go to the Amazon. You can do anything you want, go to other places. You don’t need my permission.

To liberally quote L’Oréal– we’re f*cking worth it.

Shaken, but not deterred

Of course, I’m not unf*ckwithable all day, every day (yet) – I’m still in training after all (“Look mama! training wheels!”) I’m still figuring everything out. Today, for that matter, I feel a bit shaken, but not deterred (not stirred, as James Bond would say) – don’t worry, it’s nothing that a glass of vino blanco can’t fix.

I’m slowly building some steam with my blog. Well, if steam means that I had 13 visitors this week, which at this point in my journey is kinda cool. Friends, family, and those 2 strangers that visited the blog, WELCOME and thank you for supporting me.

In spite of the nay-sayers, you remain your own biggest critic

Even with all of those raving fans, self-doubt is understandably raising its ugly, horned head. I just don’t know if I’m doing everything right – probably not. It just seems too little, too slow sometimes. I criticise myself for my small steps. But we all know it’s not about the size of one’s steps. Tiny ones will take you there just as well, as long as you take action.

It just remains difficult to not compare your own beginning with someone else’s middle, especially with a lot of sceptics around going “no, no, no, no, no,” when you really want to go “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” (Stop the nay-sayin’, because it’s destiny … child – pardon the word pun. I couldn’t help myself).

Tiny steps toward Unf*ckwithble world domination

However, sometimes you have to give yourself some self-love, honey. You’ve probably done way more than you give yourself credit for.

With my tiny and sometimes unsure steps, I’ve already bravely stepped onto this online road to Unf*ckwithable world domination – moving towards my superpower (Passion + Talent + Personality) – and that is to motivate other chicas to go for their dreams. There are just so many things left to learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, getting clients, even determining what type of business(es) I’m in, for that matter. This makes me feel super excited but also leaves me a little bit whelmed sometimes. Scary sh*t.

Nobody said the journey to Unf*ckwithability world domination was easy

I refuse to say that I’m overwhelmed, though, because I know I got this.  I mean F it all! Even without knowing the exact outcome, I’m sure loving the process. When you want something badly enough, you’ll figure it out. Nay-sayers be damned. There is no other option. You’ll  land on your own two feet – and for me, that probably means somewhere in the middle of the Amazon.

I don’t know exactly where my journey will take me in the coming months and years, and that’s okay because it’s my Unf*ckwithable world domination journey – MY Amazon Story. And it’s my plan – not just my wish – that it inspires and empowers you to seek out your own adventures.

Imagine what it could mean for you if you committed to becoming Unf*ckwithable. Why not join me and start YOUR own Amazon story.

Adventure Awaits!



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