Right now, I have so many options on my journey to Unf*ckwithable World Domination. I have so many questions. There is so much to do that I sometimes feel whelmed – not overwhelmed because that would mean I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I just can’t help asking sometimes, does everyone have their sh*t together but me?

Feeling (over)whelmed? Allow yourself the freedom to explore

Just whelmed by:

  • all the possibilities.
  • my doubts and fears.
  • the many new things I am learning (business, writing, things about myself).
  • all the wonderful women already out there who inspire, but, at the same time, also intimidate me. I’m whelmed by their middle, unsure of my beginning.

Questions, questions, questions

How to do this? How to get there? And where is ‘there’ anyway? These are questions frequently going through my mind – keeping me awake sometimes.

It’s okay. No-one’s got their sh*t together.

Someone recently explained to me that it’s normal to feel whelmed in my circumstances – starting something new and untested – a business. It’s okay not to know. To feel unsure. No-one’s got their sh*t together. Everyone just does whatever. They do their best to get ahead and that’s good enough.

This was a realization for me: I can just feel scared sh*tless – but mindfully

We don’t have to solve the issue of feeling whelmed. We can be mindfully unsure about it all. Let’s put ourselves out there and be vulnerable.

We can even suck, at first.

Just see what happens

Let’s explore what life has to offer. Let’s see who resonates with what you put out into the world and which doors will open along the way. And who knows what’ll be behind those doors.

Allow yourself the freedom to explore

Allow yourself to explore

I wrote this short post to let myself and you know that it’s okay not to have all them ducks in a row. When starting something new, enjoy yourself. Give yourself the freedom to explore a little. Trust me. It’s part of the process. You aren’t diddling away your time.

What makes you feel overwhelmed in your adventure? And how do you cope with that? Does it keep you from reaching for the stars, stuck in comparison-mode? Or do you allow yourself to feel vulnerable and unsure but also proudly put yourself out there?

Personally, I flutter from ‘I’m going to give myself the time to figure this out and do it my way’ to ‘OMG! I don’t know what I’m doing. Where is that d*mn 5-year plan’. I deal with this by writing these blogs to myself and sharing them with you.

Adventure Awaits!



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