Just a quick brain wave before you start reading: Why is it that if I put ‘free writing’ on top of the page I suddenly feel freer to write? Like I finally have permission to write whatever I like. Hmmm. Don’t know. *Bamm* Writer’s block lifted. Tadaaaa. But it works though. Anyway. I didn’t know what to write about this week – hence the writer’s block comment.

There were no urban hiking adventures in Rotterdam. No Cuban adventures. No traipsing around the jungle trying to find a Mayan statue or any statue for that matter. *gah* – nothing exciting like that ever happens in my life. Where’s Indiana Jones when you need her, huh? No saving the world one ecotourism project at a time (maybe next week).

Not much happened really, so I felt a little bit boring.

But I’ve seen normal people write about their normal weeks, so I thought I’d give it a try. I don’t have a cat, so no cat stories – I’m more of a dog person anyway. I’d rather keep my relationship out of the limelight, so what’s left? Right, normal day-to-day exciting stuff. So what had happened was:

Last week, I received a compliment for my writing! – by a stranger, no less.

Whut?! It wasn’t expected at all. I didn’t know what to say. “Yes …. Uh … Thank you?” I mean. How do you gracefully accept an awesome compliment like that?! I mean what should I have said? “Yeah. I know?” It went through my mind, but it sounded kinda arrogant. Although I might have accidentally said it out loud in my state of shock. Whoops :s

But how cool is that!

My friends have told me before, but I just didn’t believe it. My momma tells me all the time. But, that’s my mommy, so she kinda has too (it’s in her job description – I think). I thought they were humouring me. Like, yeah… your vacation posts are funny, but really only for family and friends. Because they know you. They have to like it. You picked them specifically to like it. Right? (Just kidding).

Strangers just compliment better.

But now, with these two strangers – who didn’t know anything about me; who didn’t have anything to gain by making the compliment, but they did it anyway – it was different. It felt real.

Sorry friends – I’ll believe you next time when you compliment me. I mean. I know. It’s kind of weird that I’d believe strangers first before friends – who know and love me, and who in reality wouldn’t just say things to humour me. But, okay, the mind works in strange ways.

Your inner Biatch

Of course, my inner Meany (I call her Inny Meany – you’ve been introduced in a previous post) still said to me: “There is always room to improve” and then she proceeded in listing all of her doubts about my writing skills: “What if you can’t write for them?” Blah blah blah. “What if your English sucks?” Blah Blah “What if you can’t think of anything to write about?” Ahhhhhh. Such bullsh*t.

You know, that ‘blabber’ inner voices come at you with. It’s not based on reality. So I have decided to put her on the bench – she cannot play anymore. She’s not playing fair,  so she’s outta the game! It’s my time to shine and I’m taking this compliment to heart and running with it. Let’s see where we can go with this.

*Bamm* Writer’s block gone. Inner goddess on.

How do you react when people compliment you, for example, on your clothing? I now try to say thank you, instead of: “Thanks – my sister picked it out for me”. *dohhhh* They are complimenting you! Not your sister! Find me on Social Media and let me know.

Adventure Awaits!



p.s. I just remembered I visited Ouddorp Beach (NL). Woah me with the exciting life! 😉

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