As I’m reading a cute little romantic fiction situated in Nice (France), I can’t help but think about when I was there hiking along the Côte d’Azur a few years back – April of 2015.

In this blog series, called #FridayFlashback, every last Friday of the month I travel back in time to one of the adventures that have shaped me as a person. I haven’t been everywhere yet, but – to quote Susan Sontag – it’s on my list.

Friday Flashback
Nice is just a PLACE in France – a book by the Betches which I haven’t read yet – but that’s just a whole ‘nother story.

Right now, we’re actually talking about hikes around Nice, the place, situated in the Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, in the sunniest part of France (in case you have the googles – the urge to google).

Don’t expect accolades about the city itself, because in the 7 days of hiking along the Côte d’Azur my boyfriend and I didn’t spend a day in the town.

Hike. Hike. and Hike some more

I was where you will always find me during almost any vacation: communing with nature. Totally *zen* … riiiggght… Nope, it was more like. *hike, hike, hike and hike some more!*

As we were to discover, the Cote d’Azur has some of the most impressive hiking routes. And they’re so easy to get to! Hop on the train and you can start your first trail in just a few minutes. There are trails along the whole train track towards Menton. Get out at any stop and you’re are guaranteed excellent views.

You do have to put SOME work into it of course. 😉 Work those hiking shoes!

on the Nietzsche Trail Èze

The Côte d’Azur’s hiking appeal

I’m not the only one who loves hiking the Côte d’Azur. The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who lived in Èze sur Mer for a while, immortalised the Côte d’Azur’s hiking appeal. Daily, he wandered on the trail between Èze-sur-Mer, in the bay of Beaulieu, and the similarly named Èze-Village, perched on top of the rocky Mediterranean coast. In the end, the people gave in and just named the trail after the poor man.

Options galore. Really, there is no reason for you to stick with the beach or the town. There is so much more to see.


Hiking Guidebooks for your Côte d’Azur adventure

  • the RandOxygène hiking guides

If you can read French, just go to the local tourist office and ask for the RandOxygène hiking guide. There are 3 different hiking guides covering the whole of Côte D’Azur. You can also check out their website for trails, as well as hiking tips & tricks. If not, there are plenty of people who have gone before you and have written down itineraries in English.

Since we only had one week, my boyfriend and I stuck to the Pays Côtier area, with easy to follow walks along the coast from Nice to Menton. There are so many options – including the Nietzsche trail – that you can easily fill up your week with just those.

Another possibility, when you have a car and more time, is to go into the hinterland of the Alpes Maritime. In what is called the Moyen Pays, you can hike from village to village, passing a variety of landscapes and mountain/ sea views.

The third option is to go further inland, towards the mountainous area of the Alpes Maritime province, the Haute Pays,  for some more demanding adventures.

  • Wikiloc

I mostly used the guides themselves, since they were clear enough. And I’m also a big fan of Wikiloc, where you can find downloadable GPS trails for any walk you can imagine.

See you in NICE!

I don’t know about you, but this post has gotten me all excited about all the hikes still to do in the Alpes Maritime. And I haven’t even said anything about the great weather (think 27 C). Usually.

Nah. I’m not an addict AT ALL.

Oh, Yes I am.

Get yourself on a plane girl! It’s time for a hikation!

P.s. What is your favourite hike? I’m always looking for tips on ecotourism destinations, hikation and other adventures.

Adventure Awaits!



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