Saying yes is my new thing – my challenge for this year. Because there is a freedom in saying YES.

Why am I saying yes?

I am saying yes to the things that scare me because I’m tired of the fear holding me back from fulfilling my full and (almost) unlimited potential. There is so much more to me than I have been able to show, but fear of failure and success have been keeping me small.

Inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ book “A Year of Yes“, I have been made aware of how often I unconsciously say no to the things that scare me and I don’t want that for myself anymore.

Radical transformation is needed.

Two months in, I can say, it has been worth it so far.

I said yes to letting go of old dreams that didn’t suit me anymore. In this open state of mind, all I have to do is to say YES to the opportunities that come my way!

Want to join me?

We’ll be saying yes to:

  • everything that scares us;
  • lots of PLEASURE;
  • new friendships;
  • exploring and trying new things (jobs, career paths, hobbies, maybe a new relationship for you, new clients, new services) – without judgement;
  • being ourselves;
  • standing up for ourselves and taking up space
  • showing the world who we are – making a scene;
  • openness, curiosity, adventure – seeing how things turn out;
  • saying no to the things and situations that don’t light me up.
  • and lots of trusting the process.

This is your year of YES.

What will you say YES to today?
Allow yourself to explore beyond your comfort zone.

Adventure Awaits!

p.s. thank you Shonda Rhimes for writing the book and inspiring me with your journey to yes.

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