Where would you be if you didn’t stop yourself all the many times when it got scary?  – This question has certainly been going through my mind lately in this year of yes. But it’s not a very nice one when you consider that, every day, we’re doing the best we can at that moment. Nicer would be to focusing on where you’re going from there. Really, what’s next?

This post is meant as just a short dose of motivation, a pep-talk kinda thing, to help you get out of the doom and gloom “I’m not where I’m supposed to be right now” and get you focused on what you’re going to do next. Your next adventure, big or small, so to speak.

What’s the next chapter in the book of your life?

Instead of punishing yourself for not being where you should be, first, realise that you are probably already further along than you think you are. So give yourself a break about this chapter in your life!

Second, look at yourself through the eyes of unlimited potential (you know, the growth mindset I keep going on and on about on this blog) and ask yourself:

What would be super exciting to happen today, tomorrow, in the next six months?

Visualise it. Make a list. Write it out in a journal. Draw it. Whatever works for you. And then try to say yes, despite how scary that might feel. There is probably also a lot of excitement, as well.

When they are writing the book on your life, what’s the next scene?

Adventure Awaits!



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