F*CK Humble”. It’s one of my new favourite mantra’s, next to “Trust the Process”. Of course, my mother keeps asking me why I have to write f*ck all the time. But sometimes a “f*ck it” attitude is just the most powerful thing you can feel.

Self Worth

I don’t know about you, but I can get mad and frustrated sometimes with myself and my self-worth issues. Mostly in those moments when I doubt every idea that comes to my mind. Especially lately when thinking about my services and money. Thought come up like:

“I can’t do that.” “I can’t charge that amount!” “People will think I’m arrogant.”

*urgh* So frustrating!

I feel bitter sometimes for unconsciously repeating a pattern of humility passed down to me through the generations. But bitterness doesn’t equal change. Either, I can feel bitter or choose to do something about my limiting beliefs.

I choose to embrace change.

More importantly, I choose to, believe in myself, show more of myself and own my success. That’s why my new mantra is F*ck Humble. Try it out for yourself. It could be a kick-ass meditation:

F*ck humble!
Embrace the awesomeness within.
My potential is limitless.
Breathe in courage,
exhale courage.
I am going to slay,
ALL day.
(Or something of that order).

I’m here to remind you that you

  • don’t have to be humble at all, or meek, quiet, and apologetic. Nope, nothing of the sort.
  • can do way more than you think you can (think of almost unlimited potential, now isn’t that sexy!).
  • are probably already doing it and you can own that.
  • have more to say than you’ve been taught.
  • can be more than you’ve been taught.

I have to give a shout out to Susan Hyatt, who was a huge inspo for this post, when I heard her podcast episode “Fuck Humble”  I was like f*ck yeah!

Like Susan says:  “We are meant to shine like the sun! Let’s do it! Show yourself. Shout your truth from the rooftops.”

Make a scene.

Adventure Awaits!



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