F*ck Humble. It’s one of my new favourite mantra’s, next to Trust the Process. Of course, my mother keeps asking me why I have to write f*ck all the time. But sometimes a “f*ck it” attitude is just the most powerful thing you can feel.

Self Worth

I don’t know about you, but I can get mad and frustrated sometimes with my self-worth issues. Mostly in those moments when I doubt every idea that comes to my mind. Especially lately when thinking about my services and money.

“I can’t do that.” “I can’t charge that amount!” “People will think I’m arrogant.”

*urgh* So frustrating!

I feel bitter sometimes for unconsciously repeating a pattern of humility passed down to me through the generations. But bitterness doesn’t equal change. I can feel bitter or choose to do something about my limiting beliefs.

I choose to embrace change.

I choose to show more of myself and to own my success. That’s why my new mantra is F*ck Humble. Try it out for yourself. It could be a meditation:

F*ck humble!
Embrace the awesomeness within.
My potential is limitless.
Breathe in courage,
exhale courage.
I am going to slay,
ALL day.
(Or something of that order).

I’m here to remind you that you

  • don’t have to be humble at all, or meek, quiet, and apologetic. Nope, nothing of the sort.
  • can do way more than you think you can (think of almost unlimited potential, now isn’t that sexy!).
  • are probably already doing it and you can own that.
  • have more to say than you’ve been taught.
  • can be more than you’ve been taught.

I have to give a shout out to Susan Hyatt, who was a huge inspo for this post, when I heard her podcast episode “Fuck Humble”  I was like f*ck yeah!

Like Susan says:  We are meant to shine like the sun! Let’s do it! Show yourself. Shout your truth from the rooftops.

Make a scene.

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