I’ve said it before, we are all just making it up as we go. We are doing the best we can.

Sometimes this feels like an excuse. On a bad day, you can name all the things you should be doing but haven’t done. I know you can cite all your, what you call, “excuses”.


But, be a little nicer today.

List your accomplishments today.

Because it’s not like you haven’t been doing the best you can at this moment.

You have.

And that best is getting better with each day that you just try and make it up as you go.

Do a little yoga, go running, journal, hike, or whatever else it is that you need to do to take care of yourself and improve your mindset.

Don’t give up.

You don’t get better by listening to your inner critic who just wants you to go back to that known thing: a job, a steady paycheck, a permanent home (depends on the kind of scary dream you are pursuing).

You get better by stumbling and mumbling and doing.

Sure, even the process will feel sucky in the beginning, but you gotta start

Say yes to the discomfort, the not knowing, the sucky process – because it will get better.

So what are you proud of? Let me know in the comments and share this blog with someone who could use some motivation to keep at it.

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