I’ve been letting go of old dreams and making room for new ones. I’m getting back to the basics of what lights me up, motivating women to go for their dreams. The question that has been keeping me awake and preoccupied is:  BUT HOW DO I DO IT?

New adventures can feel all exciting and awesome, but, instead of trusting the process and taking action on the things I do know, all I keep thinking is “How should I see this, do this, be this?” *waaaaahhhh*

“How will I make this work?”

What value can I share with the world and in what form will I share it?

Different ways to ask the same question, “but how do I do it?

I was overthinking it so much, waiting for some divine inspiration, that almost nothing was getting done – which is a sure way to fail.

Give yourself permission to experiment and take action on what you DO know.

I was telling my friend about all these fears, and she reminded me to allow myself to experiment without judgement. My job is to put myself out there, tell my story, what people learn from that, or if they like it, is for them to decide.

You might think that you need to give it a specific shape, but it can be that you unconsciously inspire someone, in a way you hadn’t thought about in advance (a.k.a. STOP overthinking it), by just being you and doing you.

And perhaps that’s the way you find out what “your way” is (Allow yourself to explore) by STARTING BEFORE you’re ready, without already knowing what it’s going to look like.

And, by sharing your truth with the world, each time you’ll get more visible. People will start to give you feedback, which will take you further on your journey.”

You’ve already started with the “how do I do it” by doing.

Your job is not to ask how, but to trust yourself enough to give it the shape that fits you.

Don’t wait for some divine answer, or perfect plan, on how you’re gonna do it.

Just start with the smallest thing you can do right now.

  • Start that blog.
  • Grab that paintbrush, camera, or pen.
  • Write that first post.
  • Post that picture.
  • Call that person.

Whatever it is you need to do, do it TODAY.

In other words: be you and do you, boo (I love this colloquialism!). (FYI – Need some help with that, check out my 30-day course Start Where YOU are, which will give you a daily kick in the bum to get you going with the smallest steps).

P.S. When I was standing there looking up at the mountain in the picture at the beginningof this post, it seemed insurmountable. Obstacles always seem bigger than they really are. I decided to not think about the mountain and the 600 meters I had to climb and scramble. I focused on the how that I did know: putting one foot in front of the other, using my walking sticks, and that is how I reached my goal: THE TOP. 

Don’t keep yourself small. It sucks monkey nuts.

At that moment, when I finally reached the top, I felt like I was on top of the world.

On top of Pech de Bugarach (France)
On top of the Pech de Bugarach (France)

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