The one thing I learned is that I don’t know anything.

Shonda Rhimes

This one sentence spoke to me. I don’t know why, because it feels like we should know.

The Thinker, Rodin (Stockholm, Sweden)

We sit there like the thinker with all these questions in our head, hoping for a crystal ball.

But it really is true – we don’t know anything.

But, sometimes, I wish I did know.

I wish with everything in my body, every bone, every muscle, my whole being, to know.

To know what will happen. The outcome.

I want to know if I will get what I want.

To know if all will be well. If it was worth it.


But you can’t. ‘Cause part of being human is not to know anything beforehand.

It’s all about faith and trust.

And I’m so grateful (more so than wanting to know) that I don’t know anything. That there are no guarantees.

Because with knowing, there’d be NO adventure. Challenges. The positive excitement. The gloriousness of the unknown to be discovered.

All that wouldn’t exist if we knew what was coming.

And wouldn’t that be a shame?

All I know is that I’m curious to find out.

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