I was sleeping through life until I finally awoke. For most of my days, I was unconsciously going through the motions. I didn’t really know what small things give me energy and what didn’t. And I wasn’t aware that my normal, my comfort zone, was actually becoming a golden cage, seemingly comfortable but ultimately energy-draining.

Sometimes your comfort zone can be the most dangerous place for you to be.

I realised… that I was holding myself back for all these years by holding on to old dreams, repeating energy-draining behaviours, and keeping myself small (unconsciously). I didn’t realise that every time, I said no to a social event, going salsa dancing, visiting an art show on my own, acting out of fear instead of curiosity, I was slowly adding another bar to my golden cage, called my current comfort zone.

Awakening to enjoy ordinary life

That’s why I decided to take a break for a while. Instead of continuing with the old, moving forward without considering if I was still going toward something that gives me energy, I have been enjoying the smallest moments. To me, this means really enjoying the rays of sunshine that come through my window, smelling the flowers when on a walk, going on morning runs (sometimes, when I feel like it), sitting in a small café enjoying a choco latte, doing some yoga, joining a hike to welcome the coming autumn.

What it’s all about is giving myself some breathing room to discover what I might harvest in this time … slowly awakening to the beauty of life.

What small things give you energy?

Here are some tips that help me:

  • enjoying my new morning routine.
  • reading new books that fill me with inspiration.
  • writing my heart out.
  • letting go of old goals that aren’t of service to me anymore.
  • visiting art shows, cafés, etc.
  • going for long walks in Rotterdam (trying out some forest bathing).
  • I’m painting again!

I’m doing the things that give me energy and say NO to the things that don’t.

I’m calling it “My Year of YES!

And slowly I find more things that give me energy.

Instead of blindly moving forward, doing what I always did, I’m taking a breather to find out what still suits me and what doesn’t. So that my actions have the desired effect, namely getting me to feel a certain way, energized.

What simple daily things light you up and which drain you of your energy?

Adventure awaits!



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