Instead of focusing on a sort of end-game, I’d like to learn to embrace the process and really making it my own.

I don’t know where I am going with my life, my business, my art, (no one does) but I’m curious to see where it all leads. On the one hand, my dream right now is to create a successful online business to lift up other women and help them embrace their creativity and go for what gives them energy. At the same time, I know that things might go differently from what I expect and I need to embrace whatever happens even if it’s something totally different.

It’s on my way towards that dream, the middle part, the how part that I will have to find my joy, my sadness, my anger, and embrace them so that they can give me their juicy life energy. My process is my own.

How you do things (and how you’ll feel about it) will change every day.

One day it will be going great, the other you’ll be crying your eyeballs out, but accepting each of these experiences will serve to make you grow so you can keep reiterating, changing, adapting, trying until you find your temporary version of success.

I say temporary because the next thing will come along and you’ll start all over again.

The process never ends, you might as well embrace it.

Can this be something that comforts you? Even feels exciting?!

Think of it this way, you can always try again when you embrace the process and make it your own. The beauty of this growth mindset is that you cannot really fail. You can always get up when you’ve fallen. You can always tweak and cut and do things differently to get where you want to be. And it will all be good enough, wherever you are in your life because it’s yours – no one else’s.

Each day, with each experience, you grow into another version of yourself.

And then you get to pursue new things and you begin to wonder about the how again and what remains is the beautiful process that is you. How cool is that?!

Each time you’ll be able to trust more in the process. Until you realize it’s all about that juicy bit in the middle.

So how might you go about embracing your process?

Adventure awaits!



The Mangrove Concept