A lot of us, especially women, make ourselves so small. We THINK we are “underqualified” and feel like an” imposter”, even if the FACTS say differently.  So, you tell yourself that you suck or that you don’t know anything, even that you don’t have anything of value to offer. But the fact is, you are enough!

Even when someone gives you a compliment, you make yourself smaller.

 “Oh. Thank you, it’s just [Fill in some generic brand].” 

Oftentimes, we don’t even bother with the thank you and go straight to the excuses.

To illustrate, here are some more examples of how you make yourself smaller:

You really want that job, but don’t fit the description 100%, and as a consequence, you don’t apply.

I need more experience.

You want to start our own business, but feel like you don’t know enough.

  •  I have to follow another course.
  •  I need a Masters, and a PhD, and the post-doc before I can pursue this.
  •  “Who am I to … [fill in the blank]?!”

You want to ask for more money but you don’t feel like you deserve it.

I don’t really have anything of value to offer.

I couldn’t possibly ask for [X amount].

We want to launch a new product or service, but we get stuck developing it.

 “It’s not good enough.

These limiting thoughts are debilitating.

As a consequence, you hold yourself back from pursuing your goals and dreams, afraid to express yourself, scared to share your truth away from the world.

They block you from seeing how valuable you already are, just as you are!

The truth is that you are enough!

It’s important that you stop believing these limiting thoughts about yourself.

These thoughts disempower you. They do you a disservice because they …

  • keep you from starting that blog/ business that you want, instead of going for it because you know you have something valuable to share.
  • stop you from going after clients, even when in reality you can help someone with your gifts.
  • choke you up when asking for the money you deserve instead of boldly stating my valuable services are X and cost X.
  • [fill in what they keep you from doing…]

Stop it. Because the FACT is that you:

… are a wonderful human being…

… already have an arsenal of knowledge and skills…

… have enough experience to start…

… deserve to ask for that dinero…

… can do anything you set your mind to…

Continue filling in the blanks with all the achievements you’ve already accumulated.

To sum up, the fact is you are already enough.

Adventure Awaits!


The Mangrove Concept