Yesterday, I talked about limiting beliefs and how they can cost you your dreams – how they hold you back.

Today, I want to ask you this:

How do you want your life to feel?

None of us wants to feel stuck or held back. We really want to thrive, to feel powerful. We want to be happy and fulfil our dreams.

If you’ve done yesterday’s exercise, you are aware of your limiting beliefs. Realise that you now have the awareness to change the tape that plays in your brain.

You get to choose.

We have a choice here: EITHER, we stay in our default mode and repeat the limiting beliefs that have been encoded in our brain over time by things that happened in the past, OR  we choose to evolve and talk to ourselves in a deliberate, positive way.

I choose door number 2 please and will continue for the refrigerator.

Reframe your mindset.

You are enough. I am enough. And I can find plenty of proof for that. I did some incredible things with my life, and so did you. You are awesome. Check the Facts!

Instead of using your energy to hold yourself back, chase the things you’re afraid you’re not good enough for – your hopes and dreams – like the sun.

Forget Icarus. That’s just a story told to keep us small. Fly high and don’t be afraid to fall.

Choose courage over fear.

Do everything that makes you quiver in your hiking boots (or heels, or Teva’s) and where you ask yourself “Should I?”, twice. Just do it.

Allow yourself to explore.

Explore the new, the uncomfortable, the weird but awesome, the slightly scary but at the same time exhilarating and let that show you your own potential.

We are capable of way more than we think.

Be brave enough to jump.

Stop asking “What if?” “Am I sure?” “Should I?” And all those questions that just foster doubt. Or saying that you maybe need another degree before you start working toward your goals or having a mañana, mañana attitude.

Start where you are. And what you are is a woman who already is wiser than you were yesterday.

 Do your own thing.

Don’t be scared to look silly. Be scared of going stale, of repeating. Stop holding yourself back. There is more to our experience on earth.

Look past your imposter syndrome, and you’ll find your life, your hopes, and your dreams.

The possibilities are endless.

Adventure Awaits.

p.s. I’m chasing my dreams in this picture. I might not always see the forest through the trees (my limiting beliefs) but I know that the sun is shining on me and that at the end of this tunnel lies my (almost) unlimited potential.

p.s. I’m following the #mindsetreset program by Mel Robbins. If you want to follow along, go to her website and sign on. My goal for the future is to have my own mindset reset program, but for now, I’m following Mel.

Keep on dreaming. Run like the wind toward your goals. Follow me on the blog and on my social media channels for more on choosing adventure as your mindset.

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