A lot of the times, when I feel that most of all I just need to have some fun, I feel guilty when I do it.

Thoughts like, “Shouldn’t I work more?”, “Do something more useful with the day?”, “Focus on making money?” appear like a sudden cloud that takes the sunshine away and I decide not to take that moment – or I keep on worrying through it – totally, negating the effect of fun.

Hello, I’m building a business here, shouldn’t pleasure come after I’ve done all that?!

But pleasure isn’t about guilt.  Pleasure and fun are essential.  It’s not frivolous. These are the elements that give you the energy to do what you need to do – not pushy willpower or motivation.

Hello! Pleasure = the source of energy you need to go out there in the big scary world and be the best you, you can be.

Success doesn’t come from pushing*

*(Believe me, I try all the time only to have to conclude once again that it doesn’t work – I’m certainly not like a donkey that way. In Dutch, we have this saying: “A donkey, in general, doesn’t hit the same rock twice” – meaning: you won’t make the same mistake twice, but I think our way of saying it is way more creative and circuitous.)

The power is in Pleasure.

That means saying YES to you and what you need at that moment and no to everything else.

Be in the moment. Use all your senses. Enjoy it.

A lot of the times when I’m eating a piece of chocolate – my absolute favourite pleasure moment – I forget to enjoy it. I don’t smell it or feel it melting on my tongue. I miss the rich taste of the chocolate. All because, I just shove it in my mouth and – hap, slik, weg – a bite, a swallow, and m’kay bye, it’s gone!

Whatever you’re doing, be present.

It’s such a waste of an awesome piece of chocolate, of a moment that could have been all about pleasure, all about filling your cup to overflowing so you can kick ass in the next moment.

Hear a great song on the radio and feel your feet itch to dance? Instead of wasting the moment and ignoring that impulse, be crazy and do it.

Don’t be like Pavlov’s Dog.

The more you ignore these little pulses toward joy, the less of them you’ll have. Like a little Pavlov’s dog, you’ll be trained to say no to pleasure. The more you say no, the more you’re cup will start to feel empty and the less energy and space you’ll have to create the life and business you crave!

Guilt is natural, but don’t let the thoughts that come out of that guilt stop you from taking the time for yourself. You won’t be a gift to others otherwise. You won’t be able to help anyone from an empty cup.

Don’t forget, pleasure is essential. You matter, so what are you saying yes to today?

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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