When I first started my blog, I felt so scared to show myself. To out myself as a blogger. I don’t even remember if I actually had a picture on my Blogspot page – probably not.

Even when I decided to take my blogging more seriously, I still couldn’t show myself. So for years, until recently actually, I had a picture with my back to the camera.

The Ecotourist contemplating the Amazon
Contemplating the Amazon

Until I decided how important it was to show myself. I’m allowed to be here in this space. I’m allowed to have my dreams and views.

Susanna @ The Ecotourist - About moi
Me in Curuçá, eating some delisciously fruity flowers

Some people might not understand and that’s okay.

My mantra is “I am the one who is responsible for my life.” Someone might disagree with my chosen path, but that’s irrelevant. They aren’t there when things go wrong or when I’m unhappy because I followed someone else’s advice. They just take the credit when things go right. “See, I told you!”

Fuck that! I’m here to make a scene. My way.
And I’m here to tell you that you can do the same!

Your dreams matter. What you want in life is possible. It’s not irresponsible. It’s not that you aren’t good enough. You are. Know that you matter. You have the right to be here and take up space and show the world who you are.

Show yourself, proudly. Don’t deny the world, your sparkle because someone close to you doesn’t understand what you are trying to do.

Someone is waiting to hear your story! Don’t deny them your sparkle!

You are not doing it for them.

First of all, you do it for yourself. Second, for that one person that needs to hear, see, feel what you have to share with them. Third, your tribe.

Make a scene!

Tomorrow, it’s officially spring – what do you say? What’s one thing you can do today to make it start with a bang!? Let me know in the comments or show me on social media #makeascene @theecotourist on Instagram!

Adventure Awaits!


p.s. I’m certainly starting with a bang this spring, as I’m getting married this Thursday. Fingers crossed for sunshine!

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