My entrepreneurial journey started a little backward – at least, it sometimes feels like that to me.

I’ve known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, basically, since I was about sixteen years old. My parents both owned businesses and I worked in both of them, having a lot of freedom and responsibility at a very young age.

I couldn’t imagine working for someone else, but I struggled to define what form my entrepreneurship would take. That’s why, when I graduated my second master at 23, I decided to enter the “regular” job market.

After a couple of years of struggling to get rid of this feeling of “I don’t want to work for someone else”, I finally decided to embrace it. But I still had my doubts. What, exactly, was going to be my BIG idea?

What could I do to make an impact? How could little old me help anyone?

When I told people boldly about my goal, I kept hearing people say: But you can’t decide to be an entrepreneur if you don’t know what you are selling. #naysayer They just didn’t understand. And it does seem like such a reasonable and logical conclusion, doesn’t it?

But well, luckily, I’ve never been a particularly logical person. So I decided to go for it anyway. I had a vague idea where I was going and decided that I just couldn’t wait anymore to be more ready than I already was.

Experimentation is my method to find “My idea”

My journey re-started in 2017, when I quit my job to start a consultancy bureau that would help researchers and entrepreneurs with their endeavours in the Amazon/ Latin America.

My heart wasn’t in that, however, so about a year later, last summer, I decided to take another leap and focus on my interest in and passion for self-development.

So far, this has paid off, the path is getting clearer every day and I in a few months I will have something helpful to share with you, so that you to can start on your adventurous (entrepreneurial) journey!

It’s a journey fraught with obstacles, roller coaster rides, hills, mountains and valleys, where my doubts and fear sometimes run rampant, but I’m mostly having a lot of fun discovering my way. Stay tuned through the Adventure Awaits Insider, Insta and FB.

If we’re honest none of us know what we’re doing. I’m just more honest about it than most.

From ugly duckling to beautiful swan

I started out doubting my qualities, not really trusting in what I was good at. Loving my gilded cage, the comfort zone, I stuck to the familiar and the uninspiring. Luckily I woke up, and look where I am now! Slowly, but surely, I’m finding my wings. Like an ugly, little, imperfect, backwards duckling I’m boldly stumbling forward into a storytelling and coaching business.

I went from having no clue to finding my balls and going for something.

You don’t always have to see all of the steps ahead of you.

Think big, huge, dreams and take tiny incremental steps to make them come true. Brick by brick you’ll end up with your dream life.

Let me know in the comments, on Instagram, or Facebook, what your bold, adventurous, think “make a scene” (entrepreneurial) journey looks like!

Adventure Awaits!

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