What are you chicas doing this week? Let’s approach it as if magical dust is sparkling all around us and anything is possible! In fact – you know epic sh*t is about to happen for you. It’s about to go down!

What’s your expectation for this week?

Can you approach it from a magical mindset where there’s no room for a blue Monday (or Tuesday…)?

Our minds have a negativity bias, so often we tend to get stuck in worry-mode, or complain-mode. Simple “annoyances” like stepping into an overfull train, you know a can of sardines, on your morning commute (I don’t have a car but I can imagine getting stuck in traffic is about the same feeling) stay stuck in your head and as the day and then the week progresses it only seems to get words.

What about if you just let that go. Instead of focussing on the negative when you go about your week, can you re-focus your mind on the positive?

Good stuff is going to happen this week!

Like, maybe you found your lady balls (or basically your boobs) and FINALLY decided to start a blog and post your first post about something that has been in your heart for ages AND you cannot wait for people to read it!

OR you just decided that you’re starting that writing, coaching, creative business and you’re out there finding your first clients AND you can’t wait to be of service to them being who you are.

Or maybe you are really excited about the first week at your new job! You know that nervousness and excitement cause the same reaction in your body, so you repeat to yourself: “I’m so excited for my first day on the job AND I can’t wait to meet all my new colleagues and learn all this new stuff AND kick ass while doing it!”

What are you working towards this week?

Are you thinking the right thoughts, or are you doubting yourself and holding on to your negativity bias and do you need to get deliberate and give yo‘self a mindset reset?

Approach this week from a “I’m gonna make it happen” mindset!

Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about the task* at hand, or that you feel like you don’t do it well enough, or whatever negative thought comes up, can you focus on what it will bring you? Focus on why you choose to do it? Tell yourself how great it feels to do that task.

*FYI. I’m talking about something that needs to be done. Something that you WANT to do. Not something trivial or that you don’t give a f*ck about and needs to be DELETED from your to-do list in the first place)

I love writing. It makes me feel so empowered when I can get my words down on paper and inspire others. I choose to write this morning.

I love working with my clients. Every time I help them I feel so powerful and happy. I choose to create this *slightly awkward* first video on youtube so that my tribe can get to know me and see if I’m right for them, but for that to happen I need to show more of myself. 

Mope or MAGIC?!

Are you gonna mope about what isn’t in your control, or are you gonna create some magic?

You got this babe! Make it rain!

Adventure awaits when you decide to believe in MAGIC.


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