Sometimes we can get so stuck in what we don’t know. We don’t yet know how to do something, or what we want, or what our vision for our business is.

AHHHH, frustrating. You feel stuck and just don’t know how to go about making your dreams come true – so sometimes you give up on them.

But what would change, if you focused on what you do know?

Stucky McStuck-a-lot

Look at it this way, feeling stuck is a sign that you are ready to grow. Yeah! Change is upon you. But focusing on the reason you’re stuck (because you just don’t know – arrgggh!!! The frustration!), will just keep you there: stucker than stuck.

It’s like you’re slamming a revolving door in your face, over and over again. “I don’t know…” BOOM, a door in the face. *Ouch* “I don’t know…” BOOM, and again.

Negativity breeds negativity and instead of achieving what you do want, you go down the rabid hole –  stuck in your negative feelings that spiral more and more out of control.

What you think about, you create more of.

Common but important knowledge from the Self-Help sphere

Focus, instead, on what you do know and get unstuck.

“Psshhh”, I hear you think.”Chica, please – this all sounds too simple.” Sorry, chica, I can’t make it more complicated than this. If you focus on what you don’t know, you’ll get more of that. You’ll remain closed to the opportunities. You’ll feel even more stuck.

The words “I don’t know.” are your fear talking. It’s your mind’s way of trying to keep the status quo even though you are ready to grow.

Read that sentence again: YOU are READY to grow. You’re done with where you are. Thank you. NEXT! (Follow the link if you need a personal cheer song by Ariana Grande 😉 )

This is a positive thing. SCORE! Celebrate your frustration as a sign that you’ve outgrown your current situation.

Let’s get crackalackin‘.

When you don’t know what you want?

For starters, maybe, instead of knowing what you want, you know what you DON’T want or definitely want to STOP doing. That counts for something. It’s data. Input that will help you figure out what you do want.

Writing down a stop doing list and figuring out how you can go about eliminating those things from your life is already positive CHANGE.

What gives you energy?

Another way of looking at it is exploring the things that give you energy TODAY.

Maybe you don’t know what you want your future to look like, but you do know what gives you energy right at this moment – go do some more of that.

For example.

  • Taking long walks.
  • Cooking wonderful meals.
  • Writing your heart out.
  • Giving advice.

Doing more of the things that give you energy will fill up your cup to overflowing to where you naturally start giving and have more room for creativity.

Most of my ideas for my life come when I’m doing something that relaxes me and gives me energy, like taking a long walk through a beautiful park or listening to an interesting podcast.

Be open. Allow yourself to explore. The answers will come to you.

When you know exactly what you want but you get stuck on the HOW

You don’t have to have an elaborate plan in place or be able to see the next 50 meters before you to take a step forward.

But if you are open and curious about what you do know, you’ll see the small bricks you can lay and, with each step taken, create more clarity.

Find some inspiration online

What helps is seeing someone like you doing what you want to do because seeing is believing it’s possible. For me, it helps to listen to other women who are making a scene, like Susan Hyatt on her Rich Coach Club podcast, or to read empowering blog posts by chicas like Ash Ambirge’s The Middle Finger Project.

You build your dream step by step

And then tiny incremental step by tiny incremental step you make it happen. For that, you don’t need to know how you are going to build a million euro creative business or how you’ll get your book published and on whatever world bestseller list you want to get it on (Dream BIG, honey!).

For that you only need to know what the one thing is you are going to do TODAY! And keep your mind in the growth mindset.

Adventure awaits those willing to take a step into the unknown.



P.s. This is my current challenge to let go of the narrative of I don’t know how and to focus on those tiny thoughts and actions I do know and control. So many times these blog posts of mine come into being because they are part of my current struggle for answers.

As always, it’s my hope, my self-talk will somehow also help you take another step in your journey.

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