*Ugh* Sometimes I can be so serious about everything. It’s a wonder I don’t have a permanent frown etched into my face! And all that wonderful life just passes me by with all the worrying.

I, for one, definitely need to stop taking myself seriously.

All that worry isn’t doing anybody any good. ‘Cause it doesn’t come from a place of love, or a place of “I’m gonna change this.” It comes from a place of fear.

You worry because you are scared that if you stop…

  • worrying,
  • trying to control everything,
  • looking for that crystal ball
  • overanalysing
  • trying to prevent anything I don’t want from happening beforehand
  • managing my life

that you won’t make it happen.

So, out of F.E.A.R., a.k.a. False Evidence Appearing Real, you hold everything so close to your chest, #incontrol, that you unconsciously suck the fun out of everything.

When this happens, for me, my life slowly gets away from me, as I’m trying so hard to hold the balls into the air – stuck on the hamster wheel.

Can you say control freak!

Often times it’s a reflex from the old days that helped you in some way. You wouldn’t be doing it, if once it wasn’t beneficial to you. But is it still helping you now? Or is it holding you back from your true potential? I

In my case, it’s not serving me anymore – at ALL.

So, these past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with taking myself and life a little less serious. It’s such a shame to let life pass you by because you’re too scared to let things happen, to experiment, to LIVE.

I choose to play and enjoy myself waaaaaaaaaaayyy more.


I’m trying to let go a little bit more – surrendering to the things I can’t control and focussing on those things that I can control – my reaction and those tiny LOVING steps that WILL get me to realize my dreams.

It’s important to take yourself and your dreams seriously.

You matter, after all.

But if you have to push and pull and force just to make things happen – you’re following the wrong dream.

Give yourself some slack. Trust that things will turn out all right. Stop trying to control ALL THE THINGS and enjoy yourself some more.

You only have one life – don’t waste it with an “if…. then… attitude”.

Let me know in the comments, on Instagram, or Facebook, how you are going to surrender this coming week. And if someone you know needs to lighten up a bit, please share this post.

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