I don’t know how to start this post or what it is about yet but I’ve decided to start writing it anyway because: Starting is the hardest part.

For anything that you try to achieve, starting is the hardest part.

It’s hard because instead of taking that first small step we start the wrong thing: overthinking, overanalysing, worrying, and judging.

Either the first sentence isn’t good enough, or you don’t know enough, or you’re not far enough along on your journey.

So, I’m sitting here at eight AM and I’m starting to write without any idea where this post will go.

Starting anything can be a very frustrating process. But I choose to do it anyway. Because, some days, after the 3rd crappy post I write, there will be one good one.

For every person that didn’t read my post, there will be one that did and that loved it.

Taking small steps counts.

Just the act of me sitting here in front of my computer, writing, counts.

The act of you taking up your pen to start writing out your story counts – even if you’re still very much at the beginning of your journey and you have no clue as to where it’s leading you.

Even though you can only see 3 meters in front of you, and you don’t have any fog lights, do it anyway.

Tell the world what you are passionate about even though you don’t know exactly where the journey will take you.

Start on the path anyway. It will form and change as you progress.

Your feet will feel surer on the road with every step you take and fear will be your guide instead of your adversary.

Fear will show you where you’ll find the rewards.

Yes, starting is the hardest, most scary part of any journey, but it will lead to a life of adventure and the deepest fulfilment that you just won’t get if you just stay there on the couch too scared to live.

I know you’re scared. I am too. But let’s do it anyway.

Start and adventure will await you!


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