I’m reading this book called An Audience for One. Great book, BTW. It’s all about reclaiming creativity for its own sake. One of the questions asked in the book was: “What advice would you give your younger self?

Damn girl, first thing, you need to get a life!

Stop worrying so much about your resume (this is a message for “post-university”-me 😉 ).

Try to find out who you are first. Experiment a little.

Choose to act out of love not out of fear, and certainly not out of someone else’s fear! (you know, the “well-meant” advice you get all the time).

Find your own path.

Some other advice I’d give myself is to experiment a lot. It’s about the journey, not the destination! Your goals will change all the time, be curious and open in that process.

Don’t hold on to dreams like it’s a life & death situation.

Let them breathe. Change them up and discard them when they don’t serve you anymore. There is more for you out there than the known and the familiar. FYI. It sucks a little to wake up after 7 years and realise that you were holding on for dear life when you could have enjoyed yourself more.

You don’t have to achieve anything to be enough.

You already are, and you are allowed to be just as you are. It’s how it’s supposed to be. You are supposed to do you.

Be bold, unapologetic, be you.

Act out of love and curiosity.

Life doesn’t go according to plan, and you don’t have a crystal ball, enjoy the journey. Don’t be afraid, not always knowing where you are going and what you are doing.

Do it anyway. Experiment!

You don’t have to be perfect and know how to do stuff from the start.

Look foolish. Fail. Suck a little.

It won’t hurt you, it’s part of the process of growing into the person you need to be to make your dreams come true.

You’ll have ups and some downs which will seem like the end of your world at that time. Don’t worry, although I know this will fall on deaf ears, someday you’ll realise that it doesn’t matter.

Don’t try to read your future beforehand, live your present.

There’s no crystal ball for life. Just beautiful possibilities.

What advice would you give to your future self?

Adventure will await!


(your future self)


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If your interested in the book I referenced at the beginning of this post – An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for its own Sake

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