For a while there, I kept asking myself “What’s my passion?”And I just couldn’t come up with an answer, except for I don’t know. I’d get so frustrated. *ARGH!* “Why don’t I have a passion?” “I don’t have a clue as to what I DO want.” What will become of me?” Yeah. This type of question-answer circle won’t get you anywhere but stuck. Maybe it’s time to ask a different question, like what gives you energy and see what happens then.

Albert Einstein is quoted to have said:
“You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking you had when you created it.”

Even if he probably didn’t say this, it still holds true.

So, get a new perspective. Focus on what gives you energy.

If you don’t feel a deep passion for something, get away from the question: What is my purpose/ passion? That’s way too big. I’m getting palpitations and shortness of breath just thinking about it that way. My whole life purpose? The passion to end all passions? Something I will do for the rest of my life? That I was put on earth for?

Well, if I wasn’t feeling stuck already, I would certainly feel it now!

How about we make it a little less be all end all and just start being more curious about what gives you energy, instead. Every day. Passion can be so excluding. What about all the small things that you do every single day that give you a heck of a lot of energy, that make you feel playful and curious.

What would it feel like in your body if you were passionate/ curious/ enthusiastic/ energetic about something?

This way you’ll know the signs when they happen!
Go on an adventure. Allow yourself to explore!

What could you do to have a more curious attitude? Even for the small and simple things in life?

This frustration, the fact that you feel stuck and you’re asking yourself about your passions, is actually a wonderful thing! See it as a sign that you desire to expand on your life. A sign that you’re ready for growth. That you’re ready for a new perspective on your life and how you’ve been living it.

And then look into your daily life.

What (small or big things) gives me energy?

Can you do more of that and less of what doesn’t give you energy. You are now on a mission “To find what feels good”, as Adrienne from Yoga with Adrienne would say.

Look at it from all angles.

Here are some other questions to help you along the way of curiosity:

People you admire

Look at the people around you or on the interwebz that you admire:

  • What do they do specifically that you are jealous of?
  • And, what exactly do you admire about them? The job they have, or maybe the way they live?
  • What about what they do/ have/ feel you’d want for yourself in your life?

Sometimes you can think that you want to do what they do, or maybe it’s just the fact that they’re are doing something that gives them energy, and it isn’t so much what they do that is what you want.

Don’t stick to being jealous, see the sign in the jealousy – and try to find out what it’s trying to tell you.

Get inspired!

Look your fears in the eye

In addition, maybe there is something you’ve pushed away into the darkness because you let yourself believe that it’s “impossible”, “undoable”, “unrealistic, “you don’t feel like you deserve it” “it feels frivolous”, “…”, – fill in the blanks.

Do you have any pipedream-style ideas, that you’d love to make happen? Or other things that energize you that you don’t allow yourself to do?

We all leave dreams behind because of our fear of failure or the thought of not being enough or undeserving, but making mistakes and learning to live for ourselves is a part of life – no matter what choice we make.

Ask yourself:

If I couldn’t fail what would I do?
Or what cost would I pay if I never went for the things that make me feel happier?


Sometimes thought about making money and having enough time can stop you, but don’t forget energy is also a currency. What if you actually did the thing that gives you energy? Instead of all those things that suck the energy out of you? What have you gained? More energy, which after a while will equal more time and more money.

Instead of hanging on the couch with a bottle of wine in your hand after a draining work day, you actually have the energy to go for that run and keep the doctor away. So:

If money weren’t an issue and time wasn’t either (oh wouldn’t that be grand) and feeling energized was actually what you focused on, what would I love to spend time on, above ALL else?

Problems you wish to solve

Are there any problems in your life right now that you’d wish to solve – something that completely fires you up when you talk to someone about it?

In other words,

What gives you energy?

Pick something…, anything…, and start EXPLORING.

You don’t need more time, money, to be someone else, to know more. All you need is your curiosity, to know what energizes you (just the small things are enough to start with) and the willingness to try. The willingness to take it one step at a time. Now,

What is the smallest thing that you can do right now that energizes you?

Go from there. Grow your energy and slowly change your life.

Clarity will only come through action.

p.s. Don’t worry. You’re not alone in this. As I’m on this entrepreneurship and creative journey, I have to remind myself on tha regular to be more open, more curious, braver, more courageous, and less focused on big questions like purpose or passion.

Some days I’m slaying at it, sometimes I’m not. And that’s okay. The important part is that each day we try to be more curious, to follow what gives us more energy, and take those little steps forward.

Keep on calling yourself out on your bullshit excuses not to go for your dreams. Don’t let your frustrations about not knowing ru(i)n your life.

You don’t need to know the exact path. Above all, you need to be curious enough to explore and to be open to the answer that comes to you in the process.

And you know it, chica…

Adventure Awaits when your curious enough to follow that trail. 😉

It’s never too late, all you need to do is take the first step! Follow that energy!

Adventure Awaits!



If you need some help following the energy and taking those small steps I invite you to join my online program Start Where YOU Are where you get a daily pep-talk to get going with all your creative endeavours and adventures.

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