There’s a strength, honesty, and vulnerability in accepting that you don’t know what you’re doing most of the time, but if you learn to listen to and trust your gut feeling you might actually get somewhere.

Let’s face it. None of us knows what we’re doing.

But a lot of us sure love to pretend on Facebook and Instagram.

You’ve probably become really good at the pretence. You do it so well that you’ve even fooled yourself. Thinking that following society’s expectations would bring you success and happiness. The safe and sure path, tried by many before you, that’s the best bet for success, right?

First, you get an education. Then you find a nice corporate job. And then you get to the rest of society’s to-do list: the house, the children, waiting for enjoyment until retirement.

But are you really happy? When you sink down on the couch with a heavy feeling – because you’re tired of all the pretence.

Whose success and happiness are you living for?

You sort of trick yourself into thinking that the other people who have followed this path knew what they were doing. So, it must be all good. That must be the recipe for success and happiness, right?

But is it for you though?

Your prefrontal cortex might come with all the rational reasons of why, yes, this is the best bet. A lot of people have gone before you so statistically it must be the way to go, right?

What about your gut feeling?

The one you used to be best friends with in the past, who feels so ignored that recently she decided to stop calling. What has she been telling you?

What has your body been telling you about this path you’re walking on? I personally believe in embodiment and that the body knows the score and that it can actually say no when you’re doing something that isn’t in alignment.

Where is your curiosity leading you?

Nobody knows what they’re doing. Luckily, we all have these gut feelings that tell us if something feels right (curiosity) or wrong (contraction) for us.

Experiment. Train yourself to find what feels good, and with each curious action, your self-confidence builds.

You’ll find yourself in the unknown.

Adventure awaits when you learn to listen to your gut feelings and actually allow yourself to explore!



The Mangrove Concept