For me, this is a struggle sometimes, and I know I’m not alone in this. So I decided to write this post to remind all of us powerful, at times, insecure, ladies of all that we’re capable of.

Right now, I want to remind you to believe in your own potential, even though you:

🤔 Think you are too late. 🤔
🤑 Have limited resources. 🤑
🕸️ Don’t have a massive network (e.g. in the country where you live, or in your home town). 🕸️
🧪 Feel you don’t have a lot of experience (or maybe not in this field). 🧪
💡 Never even thought about starting your own business because no one around you is doing such a thing. 💡

{fill in whatever applies to you}

And I’d like to add.

💯 Even though you aren’t 100% sure yet what you want to do and what your business will look like.💯

You are a woman hear yourself ROAR!

These factors don’t matter. What matters is that you choose to take the reins of your life in your hands and lead.

It’s never too late. Nor are you too young, too old, too whatever…

Starting is the hardest part but do it anyway.

Don’t wait. Start right now. Exactly where you are. With what you have. As you are. No matter the doubts and fears, the shaking hands, the trembling voice, start. Even when it feels like your courage is located somewhere in the pit of your stomach. It doesn’t matter. Start.

Keep things simple.

Start with a minimum viable product for a small audience. Find free courses. The internet is a treasure trove of free information. A lack of resources shouldn’t keep you from realising your dreams.

Do you think you need more experience?

You know more than you think you do. You probably already read 10-15 books on the subject. Hello, you know more than most, and that’s enough to get started.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you to reach for your potential.

There are people abound. There’s no reason a small network should stop you. In most towns, you’ll be able to find many events, especially for women (entrepreneurs) looking to empower each other. And if you live in a small town where nothing fun like that ever happens, don’t despair. The internet exists for a reason, go online, follow other female entrepreneurs and let them inspire you.

Believing in your own potential is your #1 Step towards adventure.

How will you show that you believe in yourself?

P.s. The photo above is of me believing in myself and setting things in motion at the Chamber of Commerce (Jan. 2019). The action was part of my year of yes attitude. It was an important step on the road to taking myself seriously and believing in my dreams. So much has happened since then and more is to come.

Stay tuned 😉

It’s never too late, all you need to do is take the first step!
The Mangrove Concept