I’m fascinated with the notion that there is only one you on this earth – ever, maybe even in the universe, if I’m feeling fanciful and philosophic.

As I’m browsing one of the books I bought on intuitive art, I read a quote by Nietzsche which speaks to that notion of uniqueness:

“At the bottom, every [wo]man knows well enough that [s]he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvellously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as [s]he is, ever be put together a second time.”


To be unique, in whatever way, feels empowering, but what makes me unique?

When I was a teenager, I loved picking up a brush in art class, putting it to canvas, and creating something bold.

Not every piece I created was spectacular (because you’re gonna suck at first), but the act of creating something from nothing, with just my imagination, brushes, and some paint, felt magical and fun.

After high school, at University, I just stopped doing that. Other pursuits filled my calendar, and in those moments I wasn’t intensely enjoying being a student (yeah for beer 😉 ), ‘adultitis’ crept in, and my mind was taken over by to-do lists with items like write paper X, and study for subject Y.

Why do we stop doing the things we love?

Or rather, why do we mute our uniqueness?

When I asked myself that recently, I couldn’t answer that. The thing is, life just happens. We settle according to society’s expectations. Your to-do lists start taking over, and before you know it, you stopped doing the things you love.

You went from doing the brave work and having fun to doing the busy work, leaving fun somewhere in the laundry basket.

All in all, the craving to create something (in different forms) is still there. That hunger to contribute something meaningful. It’s not like you lose it. You just need a jumper cable to get back into the groove of listening to what makes you unique.

Find something without string attached.

Writing is art, yes, but it’s also my work, so it comes with strings sometimes. I needed something free of all that. A place where I could freely create for the sake of creating. So that, in turn, I could take that attitude back to my writing.

I decided that it was high time to see if a painting class could be a way for me to get back to me, to what I want – because it’s all about openness, feeling, expressing your personal style – a way to find out my uniqueness – my story.

Your Legacy

So, if there never will be another you, I’m left thinking, what kind of legacy would I like to leave when it’s my time to go? What’s my gift?

Even though the question in and of itself seems way too big to answer, I do know that I don’t want to become that woman who decided to settle and never show her uniqueness to the world. Do you?

“There is no one else in the world exactly like you, hasn’t been before, isn’t now and never will be again anyone on the planet quite like you, and that means that you are here for a purpose with something to offer.”

(Marisa Peers, Ultimate Confidence)

We are meant to be ourselves, not how others want us to be.

Be curious.

You create a legacy by following your curiosity, by allowing yourself to explore, and finding what feels good. Not by sitting on the couch googling “what is my legacy?” (trust me I probably tried that already ;-)).

* What dream do you have sparkling inside you that you feel just a little ashamed about because you don’t feel ready?
*What did you love doing when you were younger, but stopped doing for whatever reason?
* What sparks your curiosity?

* What gives you energy?

Go for it!

You can contribute something to this world that’ll matter for someone (even if it’s just one person that means something) AND you’re the only one that can do it that way.

A powerful and scary realisation at the same time. Because it means that not everyone will understand you. But likewise, there will be people that do. Show your light to them.

Listen to your inner story. Shine for yourself.
Adventure Awaits!



P.s. If I follow where my own curiosity leads me, my legacy would be a thriving and vibrant online business that keeps on growing in a positive way, through which I can inspire and empower chicas like you to go chase their own adventures and make a scene.

I want to create a platform to help women find their power, change their stories from wallflower to adventurer, go for their bright and fresh ideas, and create their own bold and purposeful businesses.

What’s yours?

Need some help, getting started with your dreams (big or small) and the small steps that will take you there, check out my online program Start Where YOU Are.

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