So there I was all graduated with big plans of taking Academia by storm. Diploma in hand, I started out on my journey to get a PhD. In hindsight, because I thought I needed proof that I was somebody. Proof that I was going places. But when you’re so attached to one outcome, all you’ll get is stuck. That’s why the theme of today’s blog is letting go of perfection instead of having a “my-way-or-the-high-way” attitude.

Looking for the perfect opportunity.

For years, I was so focused on the PhD, that I couldn’t see all the opportunities the Universe, source, god (whatever floats your boat) handed to me. Instead, I tried to control and dictate what that opportunity would be. I thought I needed a PhD when I didn’t.

The result: I felt unhappy, ungrateful, AND stuck.

Meanwhile, here I was, still standing there in the rain, my diploma in hand because no opportunity that came my way was exactly as I had constructed it in my head.

I was so focused on perfection that a lot of imperfect opportunities that could have let me on a merry adventure passed me by and I was stuck feeling like life was passing me by.

Stop getting stuck by letting go of perfectionism

Perfectionism can ruin many adventures. You and I could have already been on our way if we’d just let go of control and trusted a little bit. If we’d been open to the imperfect. If we’d allow ourselves to experiment a little.

My new motto in life is to take it by the balls.

If an opportunity comes your way but you feel resistance, first ask yourself:

Is this really not for me? Or, is this the fear that’s talking? Am I aiming for perfection? OR could this be a perfectly imperfect opportunity that requires me to focus on the feeling of curiosity?

Trust the spark of curiosity

Don’t be blinded by perfection, just let it go. You never know what a seemingly imperfect opportunity could lead to. Trust your gut, not your fear. Those are two different feelings.

From one (former) perfectionist to another, drop all those balls you’ve got up there, in the air – they are ready to fall and so are you.

Let yourself fail.

Breathe in, breathe out. See. The world is still revolving around you. You are still here.

Be open to the possibilities.

Don’t think from your current frame of mind, limiting beliefs, and knowledge. There’s more to life than you can see for yourself right now.

This is not a time to think in boxes.

Keep it playful! Ask yourself, how can I be more curious today? And let me know on Social Media!

Adventure awaits when you let go of perfectionism!

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