A while back, I was talking on the phone with a friend, who’s thinking of changing jobs. But she’d been feeling stuck and couldn’t go forward, which seemed weird. Because, on the outside, anyone who’d meet this woman would think, “Whoa. Now THAT is a successful chica.”

I see her as a very confident person. And on my self-critical days, when I’m in compare-mode, I’m jealous of her career success.

She seems to have it all.

On the outside, she has a successful career. She’s confident in her current job. She has a great fashion sense. And, I know, that she has worked hard for everything she’s got. So, in my view, she can definitely feel very proud of what she’s built.

And yet…

“Sometimes I still feel very insecure and unsure about it all”, she told me. “Insecure? Why?”, I asked.

The problem with appearances

Like you, this fierce Amazon woman is super talented and good at her job. Furthermore, she even gets compliments for what she does from colleagues and they ask her for advice. So to me, it was obvious that she is slaying it!

But her current job wasn’t working out anymore, and she was ready for something else. But, for a while there,

She got stuck in the comfort zone.

“I’m very self-conscious and scared about re-entering the job search”, she told me. “Although people value me in my current job, people won’t necessarily know my worth in the new one.” “I dont even know if what I want is possible.”

The conversation that happens in your head

For a lot of us, this inner dialogue, or another version of it, should sound familiar. Most of us, have these talks with ourselves that sound so believable, and we start doubting if we are actually worth it. We question if we’re actually good enough.

So, let me tell you, what I told my friend that day. YOU(R):

  1. Are a super talented woman with a whole “portfolio” full of awesome projects, achievements, and experiences to show off. 💛
  2. Have a great personality and people want to work with you.
  3. Are THE authority in your field. 💛
  4. Way of doing things is unique to you as a person. 💛
  5. Colleagues and friends don’t ask for YOUR advice, on that particular subject, only YOU know that much about, for nothing. 💛

Feeling stuck is a SIGN from the universe

Sometimes life gives you a sign by letting you feel stuck. Listen carefully, it’s a sign that you are ready for more. As a result, you might feel uncomfortable for a while. But that’s just because you are noticing the gap between where you are now and where you want to go next. So, embrace this feeling and keep taking micro-steps forward!

Whatever you dream about doing, it’s not impossible. You wouldn’t have this dream if you didnt have the growth potential in you to make it happen!

Dream big & start small.

Always start where YOU are. Adventure Awaits!



P.s. My friend slew the job interview. We all have a choice, she chose to be scared and do it anyway. Even when she didn’t know all the steps.

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