Are you hiding in plain sight? Do you use your perfect standards as an excuse to not try? Are you so focused on your failures that you don’t even show up? Thinking “Things won’t go as expected” so I’m just going to stay right where I’m comfortable.

Bailing out, and failing by default.

Failing, when it’s done from the premise of “I’m trying something new” even though you might fail to meet your own expectations is something you should do more.

Confidence is your willingness and ability to fail in front of others.

Making mistakes isn’t negative unless you make it so in your mind.

All it means is that you put your perfectionism aside, you put your “I don’t know” attitude aside and you do it anyway. You decide to figure it out. You decide to be proud of yourself because you tried!

Confidence comes from taking action even though this might mean you’ll fail!

Failing is just another word for a learning curve.

You’re learning to do better. You’re experimenting with life and seeing what fits you and doesn’t.

So how did you fail epically, today? And what did you make it mean? How did you treat yourself on the other side of “failure”?

Be proud of your failures.

Focus on the lesson. Be proud of yourself for showing up! And keep showing up.

Adventure Awaits on the other side of failure, chicas! Let’s get out there and make a scene!

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