“I don’t know what I want.” “I don’t know how to start.” “I. DON’T. KNOW.” Boom, that just slammed the door in your face. Nope, you’re not allowed to proceed to the boulevard of dreams. You have the wrong ticket, so you’re stuck in the waiting room. Stop saying “I don’t know” and start getting curious!

The world is full of “I don’t know’s”, and “outside of my comfort-zone’s”

Add to that, people with opinions that you can only guess at, and your mind usually takes you to a “you suck, be scared”-fest. If we were to focus on all those unknown factors, no one would ever leave the house, let alone the couch. And okay, cocooning like that CAN be wonderful, every now and then.

It’s called a holiday.

Thing is… holidays aren’t supposed to last forever because that would be bo-ring. Imagine yourself practically living on your couch each and every day. Even with a nice blanky and comfort foods, this can get pretty tedious and downright smelly after a while.

But where do you think you’ll be when you keep repeating “I don’t know”? That’s right. On the bench, in the waiting room of life – called limbo. No one wants to live there.

Your dreams aren’t served by an “I don’t know” attitude.

It’s time to come out from under that stifling blanket of “I don’t know’s”, start getting curious, step forward into the light, and make a scene.

Tell your story to the world so you can grow and connect with like-minded people.

And guess what, your story, the NEW version at least, doesn’t contain a single I don’t know.

The NEW version of your story is filled with curiosity, the “I don’t know’s” have been edited out.

This version of your story focuses on how clear you are on what you do know and how curious you are to find out what happens next.

Here’s your “to-do” for this week:

Make a list of all the things you do know about your journey.

* The things that you do know that you do well.
* The small things that you’ve already experimented with and that you do know that you want or don’t want.

Then act on those.

For example,

I know that I……. [fill in the blanks], so I [complete with an action].

I know that I am a writer, so I write.”

…. like to share my work, so women like me, who once felt like she didn’t have anything to offer, can benefit, so I continue to do that even though not many read it YET.

…. love to hike, so I keep on hiking. Something interesting might happen. At least it will make me feel great.

‘…. want to have an autonomous life, so I continue to work on my business each and every day to make that happen.

…. am a creative, so I go to paint class because it’s fun.

…. get angry when women feel like they don’t have much to offer, so I write blog posts that motivates you to go for your adventures!

…. admire strong women who are showing the world what they have to offer, so I go to events to connect with these women and learn from them.

What do you know?

Stop saying “I don’t know” and start getting curious.

That will open doors.

Are you ready to tell a new story? I’m launching my course “Start where you are” in March/ April.

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