We don’t notice how much complaining we do in a day. We are unaware of all the venting (especially in traffic, or with colleagues by the coffee machine). Stop complaining and dump the cup half-full attitude. We’re so caught up in this habit of negativity that it seems reasonable and truthful – instead of a fabrication of our minds that we can choose to accept or not.

Stop complaining! It’s just plain counter-productive

It doesn’t matter, really, what it is you’re complaining about. Just stop doing it. However way you slice it, it’s so counterproductive – whether you have control over it or not. Stop complaining about something you don’t have control over, like traffic. Grumbling about it won’t change anything AND it will ruin your whole day. Complaining about something you do have control over is also counterproductive because you could use that energy to actually change the situation.

The first step is awareness.

Try to be conscious of your daily “complain-itude”. For 24 hours, write down when you feel the need to “vent” and try to redirect that unconscious habit toward positivity.

Is it something you can change? If so, how? What is one little thing you can start changing, right now? If not? Let it go until something actually happens where you can do something about it.

When you complain, you express that you are dissatisfied with yourself and your behaviour, but is that really the most productive way to change yourself?

Choose Gratitude instead of a “Complaini-tude”

Redirecting your “complain-itude” can be as simple as adopting the language of gratitude. What can you be grateful for in this situation? What can you actually do to change it (start the smallest, simplest thing)? If nothing, stop dwelling on it. Gratitude will give you a better day.

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