My dreams sometimes felt too fragile to share. So I kept them close to my heart in a mental glass case. Of course, your dream can’t breathe in there, so I’d end up stifling them and myself.

In my moments of daring, when I told people about my dream to start a business and write a book, I always expected ridicule (Hello, limiting beliefs). However, what I got in return was often precisely this:

“A dream is a [precious, potent and] sacred thing to share. Doing so calls forth commonalities and resources of all kinds. When you know someone’s dream, you look at them differently – with more tenderness, respect, familiarity, sympathy and generosity than before.”

Danielle LaPorte – Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course #6 Visioneering

Precious, Sacred, Vulnerable. It’s scary to share your dreams

Of course, there will always be people who don’t understand your dream and that hurts (when you let it). But, remember, YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. 

Besides, for all those people that don’t understand, there might be one person that will get it.

These are the people you are looking for – YOUR tribe. They’ll give you what you need: a kick in the bum, a pom-pom in the air, a hug. Focus on them and YOU.

By being vulnerable, you can liberate yourself. You gotta name it to create it, chica!

But be vulnerable to the right people. You don’t have to open your dream case for just anyone. At least admit the dream to yourself first, and then once it has some milage because you’ve been taking all these small little steps to make it happen, you can step out into the world with it.

Be a source of inspiration

You gotta see it to create it which means that you need role models so you can see that what you dream about is possible and someone else also needs that!

So, another reason to boldly tell your dream is so that someone else might feel inspired to go for what they want.

Creating that piece of art.

Writing that novel.

Taking that trip around the world.

Going on that (micro) adventure.

Starting that business.

Going for that job.

Whatever it is that they might dream of – big or small – it doesn’t matter, being that resource of inspiration to them feels fantastic.

“When you know what someone’s dream is, your perspective leans towards openness.”

Danielle Laporte

So let me openly share with you what I dream about:

  • Creating a super quirky, playful online platform where I inspire and motivate chicas like you to go for your dreams!
  • Writing/ Creating super fun and effective online programs, books, and blogs for you chicas that help you live an adventurous life.

Name it to create it!

What’s your dream?

I would feel honoured to listen and cheer you on!

P.S. If you’re interested in working with me on realising your dreams. I’m currently creating a brand-spankin’ new online course for you chicas, called “START WHERE YOU ARE”, which will be released in March/ April.

If you are interested, get in the Adventure Awaits insider where I’ll keep you posted + share all the things, like my TGIF adventure letter which I send out every Friday to motivate and inspire you to pick Adventure!

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