You aren’t supposed to feel full of yourself, but according to Oprah, being full of yourself is your base of personal power.

For most of my life, I’ve kept my head down. I used my loudness to create a persona who was larger than life, strong, and not scared of anything, but on the inside, I didn’t feel enough.

Although I was loud, seemed proud, and would present myself as super confident it was all hot air, ‘cause on the inside, I didn’t feel proud or successful about what I had accomplished at all.

Compliments? I deflected them. I didn’t feel deserving.

There was always something else to achieve, before … you guessed it… I’d be enough.

So, no… although the outside seemed like I was confident, I never felt FULL of myself.

But what if being full of yourself REALLY means that your cup is full to overflowing?

What if it means that you’re so full that you have so much to offer and so much to give. What if the inside finally matches the outside.

And, what if to get that way, you have to stop being afraid to honour yourself which means to allow yourself to receive compliments, respect and to step into your own power by seeing the greatness in yourself.

What if you have to be the one to praise yourself? A scary thing for me, at one time in my life.

But as you start to appreciate yourself a little more each day, a shift happens and you start to know that you are worthy.

It starts with putting yourself first.

“Your real work is to figure out where your power base is. And to work on the alignment of your personality — your gifts that you have to give — with the real reason why you’re here. That’s the number one thing you have to do, is to work on yourself…and to fill yourself up, and keep your cup full. Keep yourself full.”

Oprah (Source: Oprah On the Remarkably Powerful Benefits of Being Full of Yourself).

Here’s our assignment for this week:

Name 5 things that you appreciate about yourself in general, or that day, specifically.

For example:
1. I appreciate that I cooked such a nice meal and I really enjoyed eating my own home made cooking
2. I appreciate that I did such a great job on that report for … today
3. I appreciate that I have a good taste in clothes. I looked really nice today.
4. …
5. …

And what’s one thing you can do, a small promise you can make AND keep to yourself that will demonstrate that you put yourself first?

If you forget to praise yourself today, let me be the first one to say: I commend you on your progress today, and I hope you take the compliment.

A simple thank you will suffice.

Adventure Awaits! Be full of yourself.

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