I killed off a lot of opportunities by saying “I don’t know”. That’s why I want to remind you to be curious. Curiosity is the key that will open the door to the next chapter of your life!

What you focus on you create more of.

And I want mo’ opportunities, yo.

Embracing curiosity means letting go of the focus on “I don’t know”. Of course you don’t know. Whatever new adventure you want to embark on, the road will be full of unknowns. Focusing on those “I don’t know’s”, however, will definitely not help your sens of adventure.

“I don’t know is the killer of all curiosity. It’s final.

Try it, whenever you want to do something new. Just focus on all the scary “what if’s” and “I don’t know’s”.

“What if… I doesn’t work.”

“I don’t know how to do this! Waaahhhh!!”

You get the picture.

You immediately stop being curious and start overfocusing on being scared.

Once there was an opportunity, but by saying “I don’t know”, you immediately shut down the possibility that it could be something for you.

Choose curiosity instead.

Instead of being scared of starting your new business, or whatever dream you have, start being curious about this new chapter in your life.

Imagine the possibilities. You might become a famous podcaster, blogger, writer, internet entrepreneur, painter…

Who knows?! The opportunities are endless.

Be open to the possibilities.

Thinking and saying “I don’t know” is a sure way of keeping the door to that next chapter closed. Also, stop over-focusing on the closed door. There are many other doors.

Curiosity is key

Your story doesn’t contain an “I don’t know”, only and “I’m willing to find out”.

Being curious opens the door. Why not walk through it and try it out? You can always close it and go for another door.

Adventure Awaits!



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