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Weekly writings and stories to inspire, support and provide a general kick in tha bunda to go for your dreams.

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Curiosity opens the door.

Curiosity opens the door.

I think I killed off a lot of opportunities by saying “I don’t know”. That's why I want to remind...

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Start where you are

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The digital course where you learn to Start where YOU are, even when you’r scared or don’t know where to begin.


Stop giving upon your dreams because they seem too BIG and start taking the small steps needed to make a scene!

Hola, I’m Susanna!

Hola, I'm Susanna!

Hola, I'm Susanna!

I’m an internet entrepreneur and writer on an adventurous journey towards Unf*ckwithable World Domination (*muahahaha*). I’m determined to show you, beautiful Amazon of the world, that you are way more powerful, passionate, and adventurous than you might think.

My question each day: How can I be more curious?

Tomorrow, you’ll probably find me

My potential and yours are endless.
Own your powerful story. Make a scene.
Adventure Awaits!

Susanna Neleman

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