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The program where you learn to dream big and start small – right where YOU are.

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Does this → sound like you, chica?

  • You have an adventure burning inside you that you just can’t seem to bring to fruition?
  • You just can’t seem to find the time to do it?
  • You think it’s too big of a dream?
  • That it’s probably just a pipedream?
  • That you should stop dreaming altogether and focus on reality?

Maybe the problem isn’t the BIG adventure. Maybe it’s you.

  • Could it be that you are the biggest obstacle standing in your own way?
  • Because you are too worried, you’re not “good enough” to even begin the big projects you dream of working on?
  • Because you think you don’t have the time?
  • Maybe you believe that to be consistent you need a lot of time? So you decide not the get started or stop too soon.

I get it. I used to think the same.

I’ve been there. Oh, have I been there, chica! (Hello my entire teens, twenties and into my thirties…) At many points in the past, I’ve felt each of the above—and often many at once. 

And it sucks, doesn’t it!

The fear and doubt make you do things that aren’t you.

For 2,5 years, I tried to fit myself into a corporate lifestyle that wasn’t making me happy. But it sort of fit into the image of success that I had for myself. Meanwhile, what I really wanted was freedom, to start my own business but I was so scared I wasn’t good enough.

The dream felt too big. And all of those questions of not being enough or having enough… time, money, skills, etc. kept swirling through my head.

And I felt utterly stuck and frustrated with the situation.

Feeling frustrated and stuck is a sign, though, telling you that you’re READY for CHANGE.

Quitting my job was the first step in choosing myself over what I thought was expected of me. It changed the way I saw myself, how I approached everything else in my life, and it made me feel so much more powerful

But I still had a long way to go. I was still running around in circles trying to think my way towards a solution, towards finding out what my talents were, towards what I was supposed to do with my life.

Consistency wasn’t my strong point. I had to be good at everything I did, right away.

I’d start a project with a lot of motivation and willpower. “I’m gonna make this happen!” But then after a couple of months, when my results weren’t as spectacular as I’d expected of myself, I’d start to flake.

Talk about putting a damper on motivation!

When writing my blogs, I’d think “these aren’t good enough” so I’d stop for a couple of months. A month would pass, sometimes more, and I’d finally pick myself up again to start this new not so motivating cycle.

I expected myself to dream BIG and play big too.

But this is not how it works.

Whenever I thought about all the dreams I had for making my business a success, I felt small. I just couldn’t believe I could make them happen.

Instead of doing, I was overthinking (a LOT!). Plus, when I finally got to the doing part, I expected myself to take HUGE, perfect, leaps. Then, after a few months, I would “fall off the bandwagon” so to speak, because who can keep up with perfection.

This perpetuated a limiting loop of dejection: “I can’t do it.” “See! It’s just not possible.” (over-focusing on some tiny shred of evidence that told me I couldn’t do it). “It’s for someone else, not me.”

How was it that everyone else around me was going for their dreams, and I was stuck?

For years, I dreamed of creating an online program, but I believed that whatever I had to offer was never enough. I longed to have a successful blog and business, but how to get there?

I always had to be lightyears ahead of where I really was (in ALL areas of my life). I looked at others and how far along they were and find myself wanting.

What I kept forgetting is that they started on their own terms. They did what was right for them.

I was so busy looking at others, judging myself, so afraid of not being “good enough”, that, even though I knew what I wanted, my own business, I was always looking on the outside for confirmation of what I had to do.

Every few months, I’d start to doubt myself, because I wasn’t complying to someone else’s success journey. So, I’d stop doing what I needed, and I voilà a crack in my confidence would appear.

And I’d start thinking instead of doing.

Your dreams aren’t the problem. What you believe about yourself and your ability to realise them, that’s where the real issue lies.

The problem is….

You don’t think your way towards a dream.

You don’t use another woman’s journey as a yardstick either.

You look within. Stop overthinking and start exploring… You embrace the mess and find out what works for you and what doesn’t…

You fall… get up and find YOUR path.

Along the way, while exploring (which is something you DO) – you discover your greatness.

So, my mantra became “Allow yourself to explore and say YES to adventure.”

I kept picking myself up, started reading up on what builds confidence. Deliberate ACTION.

When I realised that, I started incorporating this deliberate mindset in small ways into my everyday life.

I started keeping the promises I made to myself, doing the scary stuff WITH the fear, starting where I was. I used to have to be somewhere else or someone else than I was. Now, I approach things from a growth mindset.

And that’s exactly what I will be teaching you in this course, to Start where YOU are —and I have to tell you, I can’t wait! Because I know how important it is and how great it can feel when you allow yourself to explore; when you allow yourself to be imperfect; when you allow yourself to start right where you are.

By taking small, deliberate steps each day that cut through the fear and the overwhelm. And it works. Not just for me. For anyone. If you commit to it, I can promise you it will fundamentally change the relationship you have with yourself and your dreams.

Show yourself what you’re made off!

I made this course as an answer to my own problems of always expecting too much from myself, unwilling to start where I was – as a beginning explorer. It was a natural progression, a deeper dive, into the stories I write on my blog and in my TGIF Adventures.

Because you don’t become a courageous explorer that goes for her dreams with determination by accident. You build that person. You create that dream. Small step by step, embracing a spirit of curiosity and having fun with it every step of the way!

Okay, but does this really work, Susanna?


With the “Start with 5 minutes” method, or let’s call it an attitude, I’m slowly but surely transforming my life. I’m getting out there, making a scene – and this course is my proof.

Years ago, I never even dreamed I could do something like this. I didn’t believe that I had something worth sharing. I was still over-thinking about what my talents were, stuck in a job I wasn’t happy in.

By allowing myself to explore my talents, embracing where I was at, the ideas for my business and life keep flowing and growing. I’m slowly taking small steps every day AT MY OWN PACE. Showing myself that a little each day goes a looooong way.

And now it’s here!

This program teaches you to start where you are, even when you’re scared shitless, stuck in overwhelm, and don’t know where to begin to make your dreams come true.

When I first started writing this page, I got stuck. I resorted to my default mode.  “AHHHH…. I need to write a sales page in ONE go, and it needs to be freakin’ perfect, and I’ve never done this before. AHHHH…”

Cue in the overwhelm. The result: Total Writer’s block.

For a second there, I forgot the power of small. (I’m only human after all. I do not promise a magical unicorn transformation here.) In total over-thinking-mode, I started researching other sales pages to see how these other chicas did it, and I got even more stuck.

Why? Because for a second there, fear got the better of me, I forgot to Start where I was, I tried to start where some other female business owner was.

I’m human… it happens. You become aware of the behaviour, and then you get back on course: taking the small steps.

So I started writing on this page, starting with 5 minutes here and there, wherever I could, until it was finished. I started believing that it could be done and with each day, I started feeling more confident.

And that’s precisely what this program is about.

Most of the things you do, don’t start with BIG gestures, they start with multiple small steps that build momentum and then BOOM have a huge impact over time.

Since embracing the “Start with 5 minutes” method, I accomplished some things I never thought I would achieve – Starting where I was–

  • Learning to do more with less time during a period of illness.
  • Developing a consistent morning routine (including journaling & yoga).
  • Learning to work on my business every day, even if I only had little time to spend.
  • Creating THIS online program, and I am already working on a follow-up.
  • Letting go of perfectionism and embracing a “done is good enough” attitude.
  • Letting go of the judgement of where I was in my journey.
  • Embracing where I am in my journey and that things don’t always go as fast as we want to, but it’s right where we need to be.

I absolutely still feel the fear, but now I have a tool to work through it, feeling less overwhelmed. I’m more satisfied with my workday because I don’t expect myself to do BIG things.

Slowly, but surely, I’m doing more of the things that scare me, adding habit systems and creating routines that help me further my dreams – starting with small steps. I don’t spend much time worrying anymore about whether I can follow through; I trust that I will, at my own pace, without a doubt.

It’s not about being perfect.

You’ll never be perfect, and there will be days where the fear gets the better of you – for a while – but you have the power to take back control – by cutting the overwhelm and moving through the fear in small, deliberate steps.

The problem is never in what you want for yourself. Get out of your own way, actually allow yourself to explore, starting where YOU are. When you know how to do that, one small step at a time — you can create, change, and do whatever you want with ease.

None of the above would have been possible if I hadn’t committed to choosing myself and my dreams. If I didn’t begin to live my life for me – learning to show up for what I desire, instead of looking outside of myself to figure out what my life was supposed to look like.  

Your dreams might seem too BIG or maybe even impossible. Perhaps you’ve told yourself to forget it altogether. Telling yourself that it’s just a pipedream.

I’m here to inspire you to go for them anyway.


Because research shows that the most prominent regret people have on their deathbed is not the things they did, but those things they didn’t do. The missed adventures, the dreams left in their glass display, ….

Who wants a life of regrets?

It might seem cliché, but that’s why I’m here every day, working my ass off to make my business a reality, exploring my talents to see what other adventures might lie in store for me.

And I want to inspire you to do the same!

Whether it’s a business, a creative endeavour, a trip around the world, or something smaller, this program is here to inspire and help you go for it!

Embrace adventure. Allow yourself to explore each and every day.

So, how did I do it?

It all comes down to dreaming BIG but embracing the power of small steps, using the “Start with 5 minutes” method that you’ll learn in this online course.

Start Where YOU are is NOT an academic-type program on habit formation, there’s enough of that out there. The approach we take in Start where you are is all about doing, taking one tiny step each day, so that at the end of the program, you are already 30 days INTO your adventure.


Step 1:

Choose to dream BIG and FOCUS! Learn to name your dreams and then pick ONE to actually BUILD. Your ONE adventure.


Step 2:

Commit to your adventure by creating a roadmap for the journey ahead. Knowing what you want to do (and why it’s important to you). Starting where YOU are, going with what YOU have, asking for help and doing what you can.


Step 3:

Start to take consistent daily action, dreaming big but starting small.


Step 4:

Decide to enjoy the process. Yes, we dream BIG. Yes, we allow ourselves to explore, AND we learn to have fun while doing it! Pleasure is the key ingredient to any successful adventure.

Here’s the simple secret:
You don’t need more time or to know more; you need to focus on movement.

When you’ve set your goals, see them as already done. Let them go and focus on the here and now, moving forward one step at a time.

When you focus on the outcome, the pressure will up, and so will the fear of failure. You’ll start to procrastinate and self-sabotage. I know. I’ve been there, chica. Frustration will kick in, and from there, it’s impossible to keep on going for your dreams. Willpower will only get you so far. 

But once you start to dream big but start small – focusing on the process (the movement), playing like a beginner explorer and having fun with it, each and every day, THEN the fear will become manageable. You slowly begin doing much more of what you need to do to make your dreams come true. Starting with 5 minutes.

You can do anything for 5 minutes.

You start doing the brave work (and less and less of the busywork, the things that were draining your energy anyway, keeping you stuck where you didn’t want to be).

Starting where you are is a way of saying: I can do difficult and scary things, just as I am.

You don’t have to be anybody else. You don’t even have to wait to feel more confident.

Don’t be that person who waits for permission. You don’t need it. You give it to yourself. There’s no need for perfection. If that were a requirement, nobody would get anything done. And we’d all be living in regret.

Listen to yourself.
Trust the process.
Become aware of what’s holding you back and what you need to do to move forward.

And then take action!

Deliberate action and keeping promises to yourself is the pure ingredient that creates confidence. 

Allow yourself to explore your dreams. Embrace the fact that YES, you are a beginner. YES, you still have a lot to learn. This is the FUN part, though. When you realise that you will be unstoppable.

Enjoy the process that is your life. Show up for yourself and be playful, your life will change for the better.

Recognize that keeping the small promises you make to yourself, taking those small, deliberate steps on your adventure is what self-love is all about.

And I wouldn’t be able to teach you any of this if I didn’t actively and consistently practice it.

It feels so good when you can trust yourself to take the small steps forward on your adventure. Every single thing I’ve transformed in my life — from a daily journaling habit to finally getting out of my own way and creating my first course — has started as a small step, one foot after another, and I can’t wait to teach you how to apply this to your own life. 

I’m not just “lucky.” Or better at this than other people. Or born with a natural instinct for organization or commitment.

Chica, pulease. I have a chaotic, fiery personality. I used to hate routines. All I wanted is to get away from them – thinking that they kept me from soaring. The thing is, in reality, I was holding myself back, always felt behind, and ended up doing all the busy work and not so much the brave work. 

Little did I know is that having routines, focusing and taking consistent action – getting OUT of my head … was precisely what I needed!

Has it been a quick change? No, of course not… even that took small steps, and it’s a constant process, but with the “Start with 5 minutes” method and the other tools I’ve created for myself, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming any more.

Now, how about this? →

Now, how about this? ↓

  • Do you want to be a woman who shows up for herself and her dreams and goals?
  • Who’s committed to taking small, deliberate steps, on the daily, so she can move forward towards realising them?
  • A woman who is excited to live that adventure?
  • A woman who keeps the small promises she makes to herself because she knows that this is the stuff that confidence is made off?
  • Do you want to start saying YES to the things that scare you?
  • Do you want to know exactly what you’re focusing on, why, and the steps you need to move forward?

YES! Doesn’t that sound good?

Let me teach you the “Start with 5 minutes” method and other tools that have helped me to show up for myself on the daily—and made me feel more confident, motivated, and focused with a dose of pleasure on top.

This is the first time I’m offering this specific course (yay!). Up till now, I’ve mostly shared my work through my blog, but it was time I went deeper. See what readers have said about my brand of motivation:

Bragging rights

Susanna takes you on her journey across this globe, sometimes over rolling mountain passes, other times walking on much more difficult paths. I see her as the bold (i)dealist, facing the world head on, putting it under a magnifying glass, and writing it down.

- Nineke (

She'll often give me new insights, not afraid of asking the tough questions and letting me see the things I struggle with in a new light. I'm sure she'll be able to help many others on their journey, either personally or through the blog. Keep being your awesome self!

- Lesley

Susanna is a creative storyteller. Her stories are personal and really inspiring. They give you that little push that you sometimes need. Full of humour and down to earth advice, I greatly recommend you read this blog.

- Iris

Susanna is go-getter with an open and creative mind. She is highly loyal and caring; but do not mistake her kindness for weakness because she is a pitbull when she is on a mission. Her writing is highly motivational and her exploration of female entrepreneurship is a constant inspiration to those of us who wish to push boundaries and break taboos. Susanna does this with pure honesty and kindness.

- Eva

You have to start somewhere, and it might as well be
right where you are.

This is the truth I’m living and what the course will teach you. No matter who you are or where you are in life, when you start where you are and slowly build up from there – the sky is the limit.


What you get

  • A mix of pep-talks, actionable exercises, and daily kicks in the bum that does three essential things: create a road map towards your dream, help you get into a can-do mindset, and THEN, just as important, give you action steps to take.

  • A 100% accident-free approach with beautifully-designed materials that will motivate you to create a deliberate life full of adventure. Because you don’t become the person you need to fulfil your dreams by accident, you do by living with intention.

  • Learn to dream big, focus on ONE thing and start with the small tasks that will make the rest of the journey easier.

  • A 100% judgement-free zone to teaching these methods from a chica who has also been there (and wants to motivate you, never judge you).

  • A 100% action-oriented approach with a dose of quirkiness—but no extra fillers or distractions. I’ve made this course with the intention, integrity, and playfulness that I show up with for anything else in my life.


The When + Where

  • This course is entirely online and at your own pace. The recipe is simple: Log in, read the pep-talk, complete the exercise, and “Take 5” for action. There are no live webinars you need to stress about attending.
  • Week 1 will be available straight away (after the initial release date: the 1st of November).
  • From that point onward, the content for the next 3 weeks will be released every week (starting from the date you first accessed your course).
  • Bonus content will be available when you have completed Week 4.
  • You can go entirely at your own pace, but I highly recommend following the daily timing of the process I’ll teach you.


What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll receive beautifully-designed PDFs, printable worksheets. You’ll be learning in detail the 5-minute method, plus more!

Each weekly module covers a specific theme that makes it clear that you are the one in charge of your life. Each daily lesson will give you the kick in the bum that will get you started.


Week 1 - CHOOSE to

DAY 1 – Dream BIG
DAY 2 – Focus on ONE thing
DAY 3 – See clearly
DAY 4 – Envision the obstacles
DAY 5 – See why it WILL work
DAY 6 – Praise the process
DAY 7 – Praise the process


Week 2 - COMMIT to

DAY 9 – Turn your dream into plans
DAY 10 – Start right where YOU are
DAY 11 – Work with what you have
DAY 12 – Ask for help
DAY 13 – Do what you can
DAY 14 – Praise the process


Week 3 - START to

DAY 15 – Value SMALL actions
DAY 16 – Value SMALL decisions
DAY 17 – Value mistakes
DAY 18 – Value imperfectionism
DAY 19 – Value yourself
DAY 20 – Value the journey
DAY 21 – Praise the process


Week 4 - DECIDE to

DAY 22 – Have fun with it
DAY 23 – be a N00B about it
DAY 24 – Continue
DAY 25 – PLAY and repeat
DAY 26 – see other’s success as inspiration
DAY 27 – “Get to” vs “have to.”
DAY 28 – Praise the progress


Week 5 - BONUSES

DAY 29 – Check Yourself!
DAY 30 – Create a BRAG file

Week 1

Choose to

Week 1

Choose to

In this week, think of it as the prep before getting into the actual work. Let’s start by dreaming BIG. Bigger than you’ve ever imagined. Then we will narrow it down to your ONE adventure. I think of this step as setting down the foundation for who you want to be and where you want to go, so you start from a positive place.

  • Learn to dream without judgement.
  • And then take the big leap and choose ONE thing, one adventure, to work on together the coming month. Ideas are well and good, but if you never choose ONE to take action on they’ll slowly wither and die.
  • What do you see when you think about your big dream? What are you doing?
  • What obstacles or in your way?
  • Do you believe you’ll succeed? Or are you too focused on all the reasons why you will fail? This is a crucial mindset-shift to make!
  • Are you way too hard on yourself? Criticising your every move. I’m going to teach you how to praise yourself.
  • In this module, we’re going to learn how to dream AND work on your belief system so you can start making them happen.

Week 2

Commit to

Week 2

Commit to

In this week, you’re going to commit to your dream. And, this is the crucial part: you’re going to get real clear on why you want what you want, AND you’re going to make your plan of action. Because knowing WHY you want to achieve your dream will keep you motivated, which will help you stay consistent in your daily actions.

  • This is such a fun week! Here’s where you will start creating the roadmap to your adventure, step by step, day by day.
  • This week we’ll dive deeply into the worksheets to get your plan figured out.
  • We start with your ‘why’.
  • Then we continue to create your plan in four clear steps:
  • Starting right where YOU are (getting to know where your natural talents lie);
  • Working with the resources that you already have at your disposal;
  • Seeing which people you have around you that can help you move forward;
  • And ultimately doing what you can, focusing on the process – not the outcome.

Week 3

Start to

Week 3

Start to

By now, you’ll already be well on your way in taking daily steps towards realising your dreams. This week you’ll dive even deeper into the power of small.

  • If you don’t plan for the time, it won’t happen. Break out your calendar, and let’s schedule those priorities of yours.
  • I will show you how making and keeping small promises to yourself help build self-trust and self-confidence.
  • Mistakes are part of this growth.
  • You’ll see that your imperfections are what make you unique.
  • You’ll see that it’s not about the results, ultimately it’s about the journey of growth your making.
  • You’re awesome.

Week 4

Decide to

Week 4

Decide to

Okay, of all the weeks, this one is obviously the most important, because it’s reminding you that while you are working hard to make your dreams a reality, it’s essential that you don’t wait to feel great until you get to your destination. Pleasure is vital. Without it, you won’t be able to keep yourself motivated to get to where you’re going.

  • Have fun with it! It’s your life, after all.
  • Take your dreams seriously but not too seriously.
  • It’s okay that you don’t know where you’re going all the time – be a N00b about it;
  • And keep on being curious.
  • Taking your small steps 5-minutes at a time;
  • Playing and exploring;
  • Looking for inspiration where you need it.
  • Align your daily tasks with your why and reframe them from ‘must do’s” to ‘choose to do’s.’
  • Learning to have fun, appreciate yourself and celebrate your accomplishments (whether big or small).

All the above + even more!

Fun Bonuses

“Week 5”: Praise yourself

Fun Bonuses

“Week 5”: Praise yourself

You get this step when you’ve completed the full program. Every week of the program, the last day was spent praising the progress. Here we’re going to step it up a notch with two exercises that will help you see how awesome you really are.

Take your time for this – you deserve it!

  • Track yourself and see what kind of “secret” knowledge you’re wielding that could lead you further on your adventure.
  • Learn how to create a BRAG file.
  • I’m going to talk here about the importance (and, frankly, the necessity) of self-praise to help you build your confidence even further.
  • You have way more to offer the world than you think you do.
  • Continue to dream big.
  • It helps to have a BRAG file full of the activities, accomplishments and situations that make you feel proud of yourself so that you have something to boost your confidence those days where you feel like you can’t do anything.
  • Look at all that you’ve already achieved – not just in these 4 weeks, but in your life!
  • There’s so much more where that came from!

Adventure Awaits!

What is Not Included

  • No Facebook group to join or keep up with. I want you to focus your time each day on working towards realising your dreams, one small step at a time, not the distractions of social media.
  • No videos or audios that ultimately overwhelm you, so you don’t finish this course. Nope, I decided to keep this simple, short and focused on taking action so that you can use your precious time to show up for yourself, not for some course.
  • The setup is simple: 1 “pep-talk with an exercise and a Take 5. Ideally, you’ll sit down with your favourite drink each day, read the post of the day, do the worksheet and continue on to the Take 5. Easy peasy.
  • No live anythings. I’ve designed the course to be self-led and straightforward, so you can do it whenever you’ve got the 5 to 15 minutes to spend on your adventure.

Start where you are

The program where you learn to dream big and start small – right where YOU are.

If you’re ready to go for your dreams and start on the adventure you’ve been waiting for, finally giving yourself permission to believe that you can start from where YOU are, then let’s do this. I’m excited for you!

Time to let go of those limiting beliefs that hold you back. Time to believe that you got this, chica! To intentionally build the life you know you want.

You get all the above + even more for just €199. You’re getting a special limited time Early Bird pricing. This includes lifetime access to this course and all its materials + any updates I make to it over the years.

Special Early Bird Pricing

€199,- for a limited time only (Full price: €275,-)
*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions

By starting where YOU are, embracing your own process, you stop expecting to know it all, or to be further along, to have more time or more resources. You stop looking at somebody else’s journey as a yardstick that says how you should do it or how far along you should be.

You’re the architect of your life. You get to decide what matters to you and then you do it taking small, deliberate steps.

‘Starting Where YOU are’ means embracing where you are at and building up from there.

Start living your life for you. Demonstrate to yourself each day that you can show up for what’s important: YOU and your dreams. 

I’ve perfected and honed this Start where you are (with what you have) method. I’ve used it on myself to create this program, and countless of other times to create the life I want, starting right where I am – always.

Every time I use it to cut the overwhelm and do the brave work anyway so that I may live a life of adventure, I feel calmer, more powerful, more confident, and more capable. 

And you don’t need to be someone special or have buckets of time. Just be yourself. You already have all that it takes. Stop focusing on why you can’t make it happen.

You totally can! All you need to do is decide that your life matters, and so do your dreams. Commit to showing up for what you want. Build the life you want. Let the adventurous creature that’s already inside of you BLOOM.

Step by step. Day after day.

This course is a more in-depth version of my quirky blog posts (seriously)

If you read my blog or receive my TGIF Adventures, you know I take starting where you are serious. You know I’m showing up for myself and my dreams, and when I fall off of the bandwagon, I get back up again. I have no qualms about admitting that most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t have it all together, but I take action anyway – with the fear.

Because that’s what “starting where YOU are” means: taking action WITH the fear. You show up despite the fear. You dream big, feel the fear, but know that you can do difficult and scary things.

Stop overwhelming yourself by expecting that you have to become some fearless warrior princess OR that your dream can only be achieved by huge steps.

Of course, you’re going to feel paralysed by that. — It doesn’t have to be that way though.

You build yourself and your dream up, step by small step.

I created this course in the spirit that I create all my work, based on what I needed to hear, and I know I’m not alone. I wanted to teach you how to embrace adventure, go for the things that scare, but at the same time exhilarate you, without all the overwhelm. Starting with small steps that will give you a big impact. And I know it’s possible. ‘Cause I did, and am doing, it!

Here’s my promise

When you start showing up for yourself in small steps every day, working on the things that YOU want, starting where YOU are (not someone else), you’ll feel calmer and happier. Not because you are taking huge leaps, or following a super-secret formula, but because you simply learn to value the smallest changes. With each little promise that you keep, you learn that you can trust yourself, and slowly but surely your daily life starts looking like YOU imagined it.

Do you have to dream huge dreams? You can, but you don’t have to. It’s more about choosing to go for what you want, whether big or small. Do you have to do big, crazy things? Nope. It’s all about the small steps here, baby!

The beauty of this program is that it teaches you to focus on the smallest, tiniest thing that you can do that day to show up for yourself and your dreams.

What I care about the most: that you embrace adventure, and start to live your life entirely for YOU.

Hola, I’m Susanna!

This course is the culmination of 5 years and counting of a messy, but beautiful, process, learning to show up for myself and my dreams, always starting where I AM.

I love writing about how we as women can realise our highest potential, own our powerful stories, and make a scene with our gifts and talents. This course is a deepening of that passion. It’s my way of sharing my path towards creating the life I want, getting out of my own way, and believing in my worthiness, so that you can do the same.

Since 2014, I’ve been writing and creating for the website The Mangrove Concept (formerly known as The Ecotourist). My calling with that is to help women infuse a spirit of adventure in their lives, allowing themselves to explore their desires and dreams, embracing who they are.

Everything I write—from Instagram to my TGIF Adventures to all the articles I’ve published—always focuses on empowering yourself as a woman starting where you are.

You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to make your dreams come true.

My work in the world has been primarily defined by showing women that they matter, their story matters, giving them permission to show up for themselves and their dreams.

It’s imperative to me that you realise that you matter. Someone out there is waiting to hear what you have to contribute to the world. And I love to help you with that. Because I didn’t realise this for a long time. I didn’t realise that I mattered. I didn’t trust myself to show up. I had all these dreams, but I didn’t believe in myself to make them happen. In my twenties, I figured I needed to become a totally different kind of person to become successful, totally stressing myself out.

Luckily, I woke up, and now I allow myself to want what I want, and I go for it. Before, I lived my life according to others’ expectations. Now, I focus on what I want for my life which feels so freeing and joyful.  

And I want the same for you. This course was designed and created as a way for me to learn to take consistent action and go on an adventure, even though I felt scared—and I’m glad that I have the opportunity to teach it to all of you.

Susanna Neleman


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format?

Every Sunday, your weekly module will be made available in the learning centre as 7 lessons, and workbooks (if applicable), along with daily “Take 5” prompts to help you get started on those small steps you need to take to realise your dreams. 

I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now?

A module will be delivered each week for four weeks (plus bonus) with exercises and “pep talks” for each day of the week but is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course entirely at your own pace.

How much time will I need?

I always say you will get out as much as you put in.  I recommend you set aside about a 1hr each day for your content, worksheets & Take 5’s. At a minimum, set aside 5-15 minutes to get started on your adventure, each and every day!

Can you guarantee specific results?

Again, what you put into this, you’ll get out of it. I can’t guarantee any concrete results. Still, I’m sure that if you commit to allowing yourself to explore your dreams, with a spirit of curiosity, you’ll learn more about yourself and how to get what you want, without having to change everything about yourself.

Start Where YOU Are!

Are you offering a payment plan?

Nope. Not yet. At the moment, your one-time payment can be done using a Creditcard or a Paypal account.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

As with everything I offer, your purchase of Start Where You Are is non-refundable. If you’re wondering if this is the right program for you, please take time to familiarise yourself with my work before investing (I recommend starting at my blog wink)

What can I expect from this course?

Personal empowerment as you work to realise your dreams, as well as practical worksheets and action steps.

I’m a big believer in going for your dreams in small, doable steps, so that’s what this course is all about. Dreaming big and taking small steps to get there, while enjoying the journey!

Start Where YOU Are is designed to teach you how to take a step each day and turn your dreams into REALITY.

Will the course expire? Do I need to do it all by a specific time?

No deadline. No expiration date. The course is all yours! Plus, you get access to any updates I add for future editions of this course. So, don’t worry if you get behind. You can even take the course multiple times to help you create a road map for your new adventures.

Is there anyone who shouldn't take this program?

This work will transform your life (and business) if you show up fully and wholeheartedly. If you are not ready for change, or not yet willing to take responsibility for where you are in your life and take small steps toward your dreams, it is probably not for you. 

The program is founded on the power of self-responsibility and reclamation of personal power – neither of these are possible if you are not ready to take action.

If you want someone else to do the work for you, or you are looking for a quick fix, magical unicorn changes, or have someone tell you all the answers – this program is not for you.

If you are not open to exploring how you can take a small step each day, then this program is probably not for you. 

I’ve bought other courses before and have been disappointed. What makes yours different?

Since I started this journey, thinking I didn’t have anything worth sharing because nothing was ever good enough – you can imagine how I value quality. Everything I share in this course is based on the tools that have helped me Start where I am (or was).

It wasn’t something I came up with yesterday. No, it has been and continues to be, a process.

I share these helpful ideas and tools with you from a place of integrity. Because I really want you to experience the feeling you get when you finally understand that you matter, your dreams do too, and that showing up for yourself every day is vital.

I always do this from a place of realness. I’m not promising over the top results, I’m showing you that you can be there for yourself, make mistakes and get up again, all the while having fun with it.

My motivation is to give you a course that you can return to, every time you need a little help to get your dream going, starting with 5 minutes every day.

If I haven’t answered your question here, please feel free to email me at, and I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P!

Kickstart your adventure

Start where you are

Your adventurous life doesn’t just happen as an accident. You create it. Step by SMALL, deliberate step.

Let’s start creating, chicas!

Special Early Bird Pricing

€199,- for a limited time only (Full price: €275,-)
*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions

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