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Susanna Neleman |  Abstract Artist

who loves vibrant colors
+ creative mind behind the quirky blog here on
The Mangrove Concept.

¡Hola! Art lover!

Welcome to the vibrant realm of colorful abstract and expressive art!

If you’re on the lookout for original abstract art to elevate your home decor, you’ve landed in the perfect online gallery space. I’m Susanna Neleman, an abstract artist who loves vibrant colors.

In this creative haven, called The Mangrove Concept, I’ve transitioned from sharing quirky self-help musings to embracing my true passion – colorful abstract art. Now, my focus is on delivering authentic, colorful, and expressive creations that resonate with art lovers like you.

Let’s dive into the artistry! If you’re ready to explore and purchase some extraordinary abstract paintings and drawings, feel free to peruse my shop:



My Story

Hi, I’m Susanna, an intuitive abstract artist from the Netherlands. I create vibrant and colorful abstract artworks using a mix of media. It all depends on what the painting or drawing needs ― oil pastel, acrylic paint, (colored) pencils, or ink.

My journey

After losing touch with my creative side for about a decade, I started taking art classes again, at 31. And I found myself again. This marked a powerful rediscovery of my authentic self-expression.

Philosophy in Art & Life:

Being yourself, authentic, I believe, is the key to happiness. Feeling whole requires shining a light, even on those parts of you that you don’t want to see. It’s about being in your body, being in the moment and accepting whatever comes up. It’s about movement. That’s what is strive to incorporate in my artwork – my whole self. And I hope it resonates with you, inspiring you to embrace your true self.

It’s never too late!

During the lockdown years, my creative process evolved into something deeply personal. Drawing every day became a therapeutic practice. Furthermore, it birthed a new series, “Somatic Resonance.” Each abstract expressionist, partly automatic, loose-line drawing draws inspiration from emotions, bodily sensations, and daily snippets.

Join me on this colorful journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Let’s make a scene together and change the world, one vibrant brushstroke at a time!



Susanna Neleman

Creating art that speaks to the soul

Ready to infuse your space with color and authenticity?

Explore colorful intuitive abstract drawings and paintings in my online gallery:

Bragging rights

Susanna takes you on her journey across this globe, sometimes over rolling mountain passes, other times walking on much more difficult paths. I see her as the bold (i)dealist, facing the world head on, putting it under a magnifying glass, and writing it down.

– Nineke (

She'll often give me new insights, not afraid of asking the tough questions and letting me see the things I struggle with in a new light. I'm sure she'll be able to help many others on their journey, either personally or through the blog. Keep being your awesome self!

– Lesley

Susanna is a creative storyteller. Her stories are personal and really inspiring. They give you that little push that you sometimes need. Full of humour and down to earth advice, I greatly recommend you read this blog.

– Iris

Susanna is go-getter with an open and creative mind. She is highly loyal and caring; but do not mistake her kindness for weakness because she is a pitbull when she is on a mission. Her writing is highly motivational and her exploration of female entrepreneurship is a constant inspiration to those of us who wish to push boundaries and break taboos. Susanna does this with pure honesty and kindness.

– Eva

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